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User Info: Jonny_Lecter

1 month ago#151
PSN Jonny_Lecter

My female sorcerer please take care of her

User Info: ardarn

1 month ago#152
Hi. Just restarted the game ( i missed it) on ps4. Sorcerer pawn only level 25 yet.

Psn: Ardarn123
Pawn: Ardroth
Psn: Ardarn123

User Info: ROKayoss

1 month ago#153
Just getting started again. Mainly looking for Rift Crystals and friends to pawn share. Any extra gear is a plus! Taking my pawn to 200 with Sorcerer and possibly making her a healer in the end. Currently level 30.

PSN: ChaosSlugg
Pawn: Sonja, Female Sorcerer
PSN: ChaosSlugg
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: Daikougen

1 month ago#154
HUGE thanks to DarkSunlightLord for the 1 mil crystals...I was quite shocked when I saw those numbers. I hope Abraxas was a great fighter for you as he is for me
Gamertag/PSN: KingDaikougen

User Info: HenriMade

1 month ago#155
Hi i mainly looking for Rift Crystals and friends to pawn share.

PSN: bel-jogos2

User Info: Daikougen

2 weeks ago#156
Hefty thanks to:

Rob for 143431 RC
Reflections for 408590 RC
Lisbeth for 698389 RC
Everild for 84019 RC
Phaeron for 229420 RC

I will be returning the favor, currently getting bullied by college though :\
Gamertag/PSN: KingDaikougen

User Info: torren11

1 week ago#157
Started over on ps4 from the now dead 360 could use some pawn sharing friends lol
Psn: Reyth69
Pawn: Jadys currently strider level 27

User Info: Juhb87

1 week ago#158
Just started playing again for the first time in a long time with the PS4 release. Definitely could use some pawn sharing friends to help me out and be helped out in turn.

PSN: Juhbathehutt
My pawn is an archer named and based on Lady from DMC.

If there's anybody willing to help me out it would be greatly appreciated!
This is the water and this is the well. Drink full and descend. The horse is the white of the eyes, and dark within.

User Info: ArchonKnight

1 week ago#159
I have a lvl 148 pawn that is a lot of strength in magic, she's usually a Mage or Sorcerer. Currently a mage, if anyone wants a good healer.
Her name is Kora, my PSN ID is ArchonKnight2.

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