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User Info: Luiren

5 months ago#141
Starting fresh on a new system. Anyone wanna hire my buff lady fighter?
PSN: Luiren/ Pawn: Elegy lvl 200 Fighter (PS3) Pawn: Elegy lvl 5 Fighter (PS4)

User Info: gioFAQS

5 months ago#142
I am in need of hires. I ran out of RC trying to get the right Level 3 armor (stupid RNG!).

Also, if anyone has a spare Abyssinal Armor Set, that would be helpful (for the sake of the completionist in me)
PSN: Akuma_818
Pawn: Isabel, Level 200 Strider
(edited 5 months ago)

User Info: Amelin

3 months ago#143
Hi anyone willing to hire my pawn?

PSN is lolzombiemage

Appreciate it.

User Info: BLUEW0LF7

3 months ago#144
In need of some hiring, Any RC/Pawn gear is appreciated !

Pawn -Erteno -Lvl.40 -Ranger(Challenger/Mitigator)

User Info: The_Big_Boppa

3 months ago#145
Hey everyone! I'm currently on the hunt for rc for purifying and was wondering if anyone would be able to take out my pawn with them?
Ps name is: The_Big_Boppa
Pawns name is Wendy a level 156 strider.
Happy to return the favor! Send me a friend request and let me know what you're looking for and I'll hire your pawn back asap :)
PSN ID: The_Big_Boppa
My pawn is a level 145 Strider called Rei. Just looking for RC to purify items, send me a friend request :)

User Info: Zaada

3 months ago#146
Hello, just recently picked the game up again. Myself and pawn are level 56 and am hoping for some hires!

Psn is zaada and Pawn is Amon lvl 56 Sorcerer

Can hire also around my level/lower just send me a ps message!
Psn: zaada
Hello would anyone be willing to hire my pawn? Im need of RC

PSN: XxGodsOfChaosxX
Pawn name: Umbra (Moniker : Azura)
Lvl 77 Warrior

User Info: cldwr

2 months ago#148
Doing daimon runs for armor lv3 but lacking RC, willing to trade for equal hire with weapon lv3 as bonus.

psn: cldwr
pawn: Akai lv200 strider


User Info: Pfitter

2 months ago#149
Hey I’m pretty new. Pawn is Freyja 39 ranger. Could use a good MA and Ranger bow and dags or Rc would be greatly appreciated.
Psn- Formula_401
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