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User Info: Cpassag

7 months ago#133
Hey guys. Anyone Wana do a pawn share. I really need rc.

Psn: colby231
Pawn : radical lvl 87 mage, 2180 magick dmg
(message deleted)

User Info: dmt9928

6 months ago#135
New to ps4 version. Would anyone be willing to rent my pawn.

Psn: HonkeytonkHero2
Pawn: Miranda
Level 13

User Info: Gambinox

6 months ago#136
psn Gambinox & psn: Nepheriax
Psn: Nepheriax / Pawn: Nanashi
ALT: PSN: Gambinox / Pawn: Serris
(message deleted)

User Info: Exxy_Izzy

6 months ago#138
PSN: Exxy_Izzy

Pawn Info: Mae (Marie), Level 200-Rank 4 Mage, should be Utilitarian/Medicant right now. Spells are a WIP.

Currently returning to the scene but on PS4 this time. I have a moderate/non-immediate need of RC but if anyone can spare a Moonshimmer pelt and Thunderwyvern Horn, it would be much appreciated.
PSN: Exxy_Izzy | Mae (Marie) | Lv. 200 Mage

User Info: tim6229

6 months ago#139
Just starting and would appreciate any help in hiring my pawn.

PSN: thug6229
Pawn: LIlith (19 sorcerer)

PSN: thug6229 // Dragon's Dogma Pawn: Raine
(edited 6 months ago)

User Info: field1701

6 months ago#140
I would really like it if my pawn would get some rent. For some reason since she reached level 200 I stopped getting rents.
Is anybody else having this problem?

PSN field1701.
Pawn Destiny a lvl 200 strider

If she is to high lvl just send a friend request.
Justice is not blind for I am her eyes. -Vhailor
(edited 6 months ago)
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