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User Info: kamui22

2 years ago#31
Bass_omega posted...
thenintendork04 posted...
kamui22 posted...
I preordered this game on Amazon as soon as it was announced; however, not only has my copy not yet shipped, but Amazon doesn't even have a release date on it even though it was announced to release on the 21st.

Axiom Verge is coming out on the same day and Amazon shipped my copy of that today so I dunno whats going on with ASG?

Yeah I’m in the exact same boat. I’m wondering when it’s going to ship. Has anyone tried contacting Amazon?

My response from amazon CS

Greetings for the day

I understand your concern but we also don't have any idea about the shipping time or date.

According to the policy whenever the order is being shipping you will be able to track that.

I tried to contact to seller and carrier facility but they also don't have any updates regarding these things.

Also I have made a follow up to you so that whenever we get any updates, they will be shared with you.

I hope the solution I provided was satisfactory. Please remember that we always value your business with us.

Thank you for being patient. It is our privilege to have you as our valued customer.

We look forward to seeing you again soon. Happy to help!

We'd appreciate your feedback. Please use the buttons below to vote about your experience today.

Best regards,

The only thing keeping me from getting it from somewhere else is the fact that I already have too many games to play.

Yeah, I have Axiom Verge coming today and other games to finish as well. However, last week I saw an empty spot for ASG at Target and would be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to drop by there on my lunch break....

I actually never though major retailers would even be carrying this game, which is why I preordered on Amazon in the first place.

User Info: kamui22

2 years ago#32
Just hot an email from Amazon stating it's delayed and they don't know when they will have it. I am just gonna check Target and if they have it I'm gonna cancel my Amazon order. They have really been letting me down as of late..

User Info: kryptonsson

2 years ago#33
I got mine from bestbuy. This is gonna be a rare one
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User Info: Lacrymosa143

2 years ago#34
I still got other games to play, But if I get around to wanting to play this game now, I'll cancel my Amazon one and just get it digitally
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User Info: chrisfakk2

2 years ago#35
Picking the only copy they have up at game stop. Preorderedon amazon back in October September. Got a weird email today saying there was a delay. If you want it jump on it fast each of my gamestops only got 1 per store.

User Info: kryptonsson

2 years ago#36
I got one from BestBuy arriving today and another I'm picking up from target today. Got the last one. This is going to be a rare game. I got a feeling it could be delisted digitally someday. Two games in one.
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User Info: kryptonsson

2 years ago#37
I purchase two just in case.
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User Info: kamui22

2 years ago#38
Yeah, I ended up getting it from Target. I don't know how many they got but it was the last one, unless the case they have as the display box is actually a full for sale copy, I never figured that out..

User Info: chibidw

2 years ago#39
Amazon just updated my delivery estimate to November 28.

User Info: guu-chan

2 years ago#40
amazon sent me an email and said this:

"When our fulfillment center was preparing that item for packaging, they found some defect in this item. We do not want our customers to receive damaged or defective products so this item got listed as out of stock after you placed the order for it.

Please do not worry as we have already informed our team about it and they have contacted the suppliers to provide the stock on priority basis. As per the current status, the estimated delivery date for this shipment is not showing because we are waiting for the inventory of this item. This expected delivery date is based on the time our suppliers are taking to provide the inventory and as soon as we get the item in stock, your order will be shipped via One Day Shipping method.

Since we have already forwarded your request on priority basis, we expect this item to get back in stock very soon. Our delivery estimates are based on item availability, the quantity ordered, and selected delivery speed."
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