Anybody knows what update 1.0.3 does?

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  3. Anybody knows what update 1.0.3 does?

User Info: WillieGR

7 months ago#1
I just logged into my Switch and got this update. I can't find what it does, so does anyone know anything about it?
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User Info: thesubrosian

7 months ago#2
It was an update that was released for Japan nearly 3 months ago, though just now was released for the NA/EU versions of Kobuto V.

The main features include:
-a voice pack that makes character voices become 'yukkuri'-ish
-DLC for a theme that includes chibi character skins (that can be found in the Store page)
-character balance changes (managed through the "regulation file" system)
-the ability to record video clips on Switch

Here's the original (JP) source for the patch notes by the developer:

Also, with the update, I think it's worth mentioning that there is no more region locking from those who have the JP version of Kobuto V in online play. The game's online is still relatively populated on Switch in Japan (although so far, I've found that a good number of the JP players were quite experienced), so you can try it out if you didn't get a chance to connect to players online due to the region locking that occurred when the patch was released for Japan (on 12/21/17).
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  3. Anybody knows what update 1.0.3 does?

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