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User Info: Turbo_TRex

2 years ago#1
Now that the Boss weaknesses are easier to see with the latest update it's probably easier for people to find them on their own, but I thought I'd list them all anyway, including the differences when playing with different characters.

For those still new to the game, note that Beck's different weapon types have no bearing on damage, they're mostly just aesthetic (although some of them DO have variances in which Custom options are available to them). A Boss' weakness is an ELEMENT, which is one of the rewards for clearing one of the 8 main stages. You can choose the corresponding Element from the following stages:

Heat: Oil Platform (Pyrogen)
Freeze: Water Works Bureau (Cryosphere)
Shock: Power Plant (Dynatron)
Smash: Mine (Seismic)
Press: Radio Tower (Aviator)
Impact: Military Base (Battalion)
Slicer: Highway (Brandish)
Analyzer: Capitol Building (Countershade)

It costs 200 CP to equip an Element.
For the most part, Elements seem to only be useful against Bosses. They do not appear to deal any extra damage to normal enemies.
The Heat Element can be used to break certain large ice blocks in the Water Works Bureau, and Impact can be used to destroy certain rocks in the Mine. Also, while not really a weakness, the floating enemy with a shield on front that moves back and forth will stop moving if you hit the shield with the Shock element.

Anyway, here are all of the Boss weaknesses:

City (Grounddigger): All Elements
Oil Platform (Pyrogen): Press
Water Works Bureau (Cryosphere): Heat
Power Plant (Dynatron): Slicer
Mine (Seismic): Impact
Radio Tower (Aviator): Analyzer
Military Base (Battalion): Freeze
Highway (Brandish): Smash
Capitol Building (Countershade): Shock
When playing as Gunvolt or Ekoro, the enemy Beck is weak against Shock
When playing as Beck or Call, the enemy Gunvolt is weak against Press
When playing as Joule, the enemy Fake Beck is weak against All Elements
Subspace (Briar Guardian): Heat and Slicer
Distopia (Plasma Legion): Shock and Analyzer
Cyberspace Colosseum-
Fake Player: All Elements
Teseo (Giant Robot): Impact and Smash
Teseo (Exposed): Freeze and Analyzer
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User Info: Ner0nitas

1 year ago#2
Nice list, thanks for that!
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