Cheezus II

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User Info: Cheezmeister

1 year ago#1 now available for beta playtesting. It only took ten sproinking years after shipping Cheezus. Better late than never, right?

It felt...fitting to post here, where it all started for me, even though the board has kind of died. All good things must come to an end. <3 you all.
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User Info: Sengel88

1 year ago#2
Wow, so surreal. I remember playing the original Cheezus posted on this board all those years ago. I was never very active in this community - more of a lurker interested in game programming and preparing to go to college for CS. Even now, I probably haven't checked this board in years and the night I do I see this. Awesome!

The game itself is frustrating as hell, but it's that nostalgia factor that gets me! Did you build off of the original Cheezus code? I see SDL1.2. Time to upgrade to v2.0! Thanks for the update.

User Info: Cheezmeister

1 year ago#3
Wow, what are the odds of that?? Welcome back, sorry it's so quiet here.

It started out based on the same codebase, but I did a full rewrite in 2009. I came back to it this year and resisted the urge to throw out everything a second time - including a 2.0 port that I really didn't need. Sometimes you just gotta ship :)
I make games!

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