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User Info: Cheezmeister

2 years ago#1
Here's how this works. Given the prompt above, each poster will write a few sentences about what such a game design might look like. Prompts should have the general form of <adjective> <aesthetic genre> <game genre> with <mechanic>.

adjective any adjective in the English language.
aesthetic genre the world or environment that art/plot draws on, e.g. fantasy (like Zelda), space marines (like Halo), cartoon (like Mario) and so on.
game genre basic categorization of the game, e.g. platformer, FPS, puzzle, simulator.
mechanic a specific game mechanic, e.g. exploration, crafting, powerups.

The first prompt is:
Philosophical Cyberpunk RTS with Minions
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User Info: MrHearn

2 years ago#2
Philosophical Cyberpunk RTS with Minions

This game is a clone of Pikmin, except all of the Pikmin are replaced by the yellow Minions from the 2015 animated movie. The game was not retail; it was promotional material for the movie and was packaged in the box of a leading brand of kid's cereal. The game has only one level, in which the player uses Minions to collect parts for his steam-powered zeppelin. The game is full of glitches and crashes constantly, but yet it somehow entices the player to continue playing. In the end, the the player is left wondering about what he is doing with his life.

The new prompt is:
Educational Underwater Racing game with Augmented Reality
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User Info: Haohmaru_Mcfox

2 years ago#3
mine is heavy metal mixed with samurai shodown fighting
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