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  3. What's your most hated character to fight against on arena?

User Info: Podroznik

3 months ago#1
for me its Flash doing his back and forth so annoying.
and ESF when she jump up, cant reach her.

User Info: sasquatch14207

3 months ago#2
Knightmare Batman and I don’t think it’s even close.

User Info: chingi1

3 months ago#3
Everyone, I hate how this game plays now. Especially the arena. Too much effort.

User Info: Dragonkeeper82

3 months ago#4
Nightmare Batman then Atrocitous

User Info: Hulk__99

3 months ago#5
Probably Atrocitus and PG. had all three guys tag in with reflect on one match. All you can do is stand there and block specials. I build most of my guys for Raids so not much Crit Resist so PG kills me quick if I don’t take her out

User Info: Podroznik

3 months ago#6
When i play as JL team against KBM i just block and use specials on him eventually he will be dead,
Atrocitus reflect and this power bar steal is annoying. Atro + PG is dangerous he have strong dot damage and PG sp1 spam

User Info: SoulManX

3 months ago#7
For me it’s easily ESF. She never engages. It’s a game of tag the whole fight while she stands off and throws green fireballs. Really frustrating. MVF is annoying since update but no real big issue especially with a shield card. KMBM I used to avoid like the plague but now just save power for a good special and unload on him. Unless he has some crazy like 45k health and maxed resist. Then it’s a refresh

User Info: Gingeman75

3 months ago#8
I still hate a really tanky PST.. just because it slows down the battle so much
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User Info: G00dguymatt2

3 months ago#9
JLF. Whenever his stun from his sp2 lands it can easily turn the outcome of the battle.

Atrocitus paired with Nightwing can be particularly annoying. Thankfully Hellboy is a good counter to Atrocitus.
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User Info: joshatt3

3 months ago#10
For me its KMB. Never go against a team with him on it, spamming specials is great but an attacking build on him means his specials and basics are still a huge threeat. While you're blocking, you still take damage. A tank build is also awful.

Atrocitus isn't so bad (from a solo perspective, obviously any card with PG is a threat), at least Atro's power dies with him. Plus waiting out his reflect isn't so bad, its not so hard to wait and kill once its done
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