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User Info: RedLikeRoses

11 months ago#1
I cannot even begin to say how annoying this is to get. I've followed what guides I can find to get this ending.
I beelined AHEAD of So-Yong to get to wherever we needed to go, I've tried going behind her and sticking to her like glue (To the point of literally pushing her) I've chosen every answer that one of the archived posts and some steam guide said and *Sighs* So I'm REALLY frustrated here. I've gotten Ivy more times than I can count and it's exhausting. Can SOMEONE give me a step by step here? I mean REALLY SPCIFIC not

"Left choice right choice left choice" I mean word for word because sometimes there were NOT that many choices, does what I say to Sung-A and Ji-Hyun have impact? I'm talking EVERY DETAIL. Hoping for help here.

Edit: Ok not what I have to do in the school, where the keys are, etc. Not that stuff, just dialog choices and what to and not to do.
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User Info: AlisLandale

11 months ago#2
This YouTube video might help. (Bear in mind, if you Already have a coffee before meeting Soyung in the new building, you don’t need to buy one. Just make sure you don’t advance the conversation after she says she’s thirsty unless you have one. It may be better to have one ready, just in case)


another important note, I know that messing with the girls can make them dislike you, but I can’t remember if pushing them counts. (I know talking to them while you’re walking together can be risky)
#1 Kaiju Fangirl ^_^
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