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User Info: Borutoo

4 weeks ago#11
i main claudette because i bought an outfit for her

and killer i main Huntress

User Info: terrance1980

3 weeks ago#12
It changes periodically on survivors, but probably Nea and Jeff right now.

Michael, Wraith, and Spirit for killers.
Black Knight the 1st, of the White Knights. Beer ye, beer ye..and such.

User Info: Edelweiss-II

3 weeks ago#13
Survivors :

David King
Kate Denson
Adam Francis
Jeff Johansen

Killers :

The Huntress
The Plague
Michael Myers

As much as I love the killers, I play them less than survivors, because gameplay is harder and I'm not so strong at DBD :/
(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: Salsacookies

2 weeks ago#14
Pizza Dwight (Old School Costume)
Immersed Claudette (Brown Shirt)

Soon to add: Freddy
Aka: the Giggle Bois
(edited 2 weeks ago)

User Info: Zenbro0615

2 weeks ago#15
Thicc Jane
PSN GT: Zenbro0615
Now Playing: Dead by Daylight / Friday the 13th: The Game
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