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  3. So, how do all of you deal with the Ageing Effect?

User Info: BlackMemory

4 months ago#1
Because I find it a royal pain in the ass. Having to worry about my best attackers suddenly ageing into useless old farts after walking up some stairs is seriously disruptive to my normal playstyle, especially given how obnoxious some dungeons are about making you run around going up and down multiple floors and backtracking to areas you've already been to (looking at you Mashiro Metro Station, hate you and the guy who made you.)

So the solution I came up with is to just kill everyone other than Sachika right away to get their ages synced up, then intentionally get them killed or suicide them via Clione whenever they're about to hit old age. If there's a point to Senior party members I must've missed it, all they are is useless deadweight who can't carry anything or fight worth crap. Already had everyone last out their natural life cycle and got the Shigabane for them, so there doesn't seem to be any point in keeping them around once they get old. And I hate how characters start each chapter with arbitrarily assigned number of days which puts some of them so close to old age that they're liabilities while others are in the Child phase and have yet to become worth using.

How about the rest of you? I get that the Ageing effect is an important mechanic both gameplay and plot wise, so I'll suffer through it, but I absolutely hate having to deal with it regardless. Anyone else got a strategy they like to use? Is there a way to storm through dungeons without having to worry about it? Or do you all just do what I do and kill all the old people with maximum prejudice?

User Info: rrojas_1926

3 months ago#2
still waiting for a guide so i can finally get the plat trophy on all the death buff thing, haven't play this game in a year now.

User Info: Star_Sage

3 weeks ago#3

Just in case anyone else is still waiting, this is a guide to all the Shigabane in the game. Some of the entries are pretty vague, sadly, as they involve RNG stuff(Took me forever to get all the necktie deaths myself) but it's detailed enough to be a big help. Only one I'm now missing is the Blue Truck Crab, and that's RNG too, as it's a rare Garage Island spawn, along with the Donganrompa Bear(Both normal and Metal), and the Red Truck Crab.
(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: PCN24454

1 week ago#4
Old people have fast charge times and can use Clione the best.
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  3. So, how do all of you deal with the Ageing Effect?
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