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  3. What a waste of time (Stage 6 boss)

User Info: FungeonInterloc

4 months ago#1
This is on Difficulty V, steam version.

Attempt 1
Walk up, off to the side of the boss. It uses spores, kills the whole team.
I'm a bit used to this happening with bosses, so no biggie. It's right at the beginning after all.

Attempt 2
Dodge the spores and other attacks. Kill the flower, it regenerates. Kill the flower, it regenerates again. I get killed somewhere here. Figure I must do someting else.

Attempt 3
Run out into the surrounding corridoors, start hearing the ringtone. Find the statue, start wailing on it. It explodes, kills the whole team.

Attempt 4
Start memorizing the places the "boyfriend" statue runs away to. Since it killed me last time, I just charge attack it once then leave immediately. Happen to turn the "wrong" way in the corridoor as I exit and the game teleports the boss right in front of me. Mamoru dead. This happens with other team members until I decide to restart. At least I have the locations she teleports to memorized now.

Attempt 5
Inefficient, but at least I know all locations the statue appears in and where the game teleports the "girlfriend" whenever you punch it. First time killing it. Run back to the gym and start wailing on the flower. Use all my clione stuff because I figure she must be easy pickings once the flower is gone. Flower breaks off. She stares and listens to the cell a few times then lets out a shriek THAT KILLS EVERYONE. Okay, since the process of getting this far took forever, I decide to use my lesser teammates now. I run off to another corner of the gym but then she shrieks again and kills them too. Thanks.

Attempt 6
I know exactly what to do, but I mess up a bit, so I end up restarting.

Attempt 7
Everything goes to plan. I fly through the thing and do everything perfectly. The boss is at a good position so I can sneak out of the gym to avoid the shriek. I charge, go in, attack, go out, wait for shriek, repeat.
I do this for around 20 minutes. I pause and go look it up. Apparently there's a glitch in the PC version (??) that makes the boss invincible for some inexplicable reason... sometimes!
What a bunch of crock. I spent 3 hours in total on this bulls***. Thanks Spike Chunsoft, for wasting my time.
Lowered the difficulty to I and bashed both their heads in. I still get the clione so I don't really care anymore.

I'm not against difficult bosses that I have to attempt many times, but here each attempt took a good amount of time and it ultimately didn't even allow me to win despite all the time invested because of a dumb glitch.
I'm angry and frustrated. At the very least the story is getting more interesting.
Crashing the mobile house into artillery?? How long have you been in the force!?

User Info: Dragon boy

Dragon boy
4 months ago#2
I got blocked and trapped in some of the rooms at first cause flower boss spawned right at the doorway and had ended up in a deadend location where you you cant really escape or move to avoid it, really one of the more annoying bosses
I'm back
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  3. What a waste of time (Stage 6 boss)
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