Primed and flinch???

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User Info: Dyson

5 months ago#1
Do some guns cause more flinch than others, even running Primed sometimes if I get shot my weapon goes from level all the way to about a 75 degree angle. It's weird and I can't see how Primed would be diminishing the flinch because if it is, without it, I would be aiming at the ceiling in some of these cases.
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User Info: hyperpowder

5 months ago#2
Yes, if it is like it was in past CoDs. Weapons that deal higher damage will cause you to flinch more compared to low damage weapons. It also leaves more blood on the screen.

However high fir rate weapons will cause a faster flinch on screen that can throw your aim off.
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  3. Primed and flinch???

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