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Chytharo 3 years ago#1
Do you have any idea or strategy how to beat the gate protecting mission on A rank?

We manage to protect the first gate all the time and we even killed over 300 enemies super quickly, but the time is just too strict. We even did the S rank gate one pretty decently on our first try and I'm sure we haven't killed that many enemies for that one.
The farthest we can reach is wave 2 group 3 before the time just runs out. Only one minute gain for defeating 2-3 actual "waves" including several bulky ones and a boss one is not realistic and we have no clue for how much longer this goes on.

Our team is one Gaara to slow the enemies down and pull them together and 3 brawlers spamming damage.
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CJSTRO13 3 years ago#2
I haven’t beaten the A rank yet but I beat the S rank. Here’s my strategy:

what I do is go defense and if you have yamato’s Wood wall, keep using that in front of the gate so they can’t touch it. Then place some paper bomb traps and swing with your weapon. This way you can damage and stall them.

This works because every enemy that spawns besides the ninja don’t try to attack you, they just try to attack the gate. When the wall is blocking them they’re literally standing still. Your second jutsu can be sand shield or anything else that slows them down, preferably something you can attack with. The tricky part to this is if your team is not dealing enough damage you’ll eventually run out of time and fail before all the waves come through
ss21vegito 3 years ago#3
Attack types with summon snake and almighty push.

Also Gaara is useful. His sand shower slows enemies down from coming close. And his sand shield keeps enemies away from the wall.

Everyone has a chub for ranged type even though they arent always the best option. I like those for giant bosses only
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Zetios 3 years ago#4
I just found this out, but you can push the big boss monster away from the gate to buy some time with the sand dome like skill (dont remember its name) And i assume if you have 3 attack types beating on the boss ignoring the adds, they will eventually just disappear after the boss is slain. So stall the boss and focus the bosses is my best guess.
Chytharo 3 years ago#5
Yep, that was the issue. Thanks a lot for the tips!
Seems like the smaller ones just keep respawning until you killed certain other monsters (usually the big ones). By keeping killing the smaller ones first (because they die quicker), you are actually prolonging the fight. Thats why we killed like almost 400 mobs before and failed while others cleared it with half of that.
Looking for hunting partners in Monster Hunter World! (no party, just text chat) I would love to do turn rooms, send me a PM if you're interested :)
Deathpossesion 3 years ago#6
Garaa def jutsu with Choji spike helps and builds def ult quick. Use items that restore HP off kills like pains earings. Range ults one shots all mobs except the boss
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