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  3. Is it really laughable to expect some MvC news next evo?

User Info: LionLuBu

4 weeks ago#1
I've got this feeling we will be getting some big announcements regarding MvC whether if its going to a new MvC or an all capcom fighter
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User Info: Camc10

4 weeks ago#2
Personally, yes for a MvC game, not so much for a seperate Capcom fighter.
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User Info: Neo-Violen

4 weeks ago#4
Why Capcom sleeps on the idea of Capcom Fighting Evolution: The Non-Mugen Edition is beyond me, they've got a ton of characters to work vs. gameplay in without having to worry about getting another company involved and s***. Hell, you could make a vs game out of just Resident Evil characters.
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User Info: Blue_Inigo

4 weeks ago#5
I dont think we're seeing MvC for a loooooong time

Maybe a next gen game
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User Info: Rubytessa

4 weeks ago#6
At this point I think the franchise is pretty much dead, wouldn't surprise me if MvC: I gets removed from the stores one day suddenly without any advise.
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User Info: EuroE

4 weeks ago#7
Maybe a new one will be announced when avengers endgame comes out on home media? Seems like easy money if they make it seem really avenger-y and actually make it look like a non ps2 game.

Such a shame. According to my mvci loving friends, they swear that the game plays like a dream. I wish it weren’t an eyesore.

User Info: Vulcan422

4 weeks ago#8

Modern Marvel, now known as Disney, is cancer.
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User Info: DreamwingNero

4 weeks ago#9
I don't think they'll revisit it anytime soon, but I wouldn't say the idea is dead. But another swing-and-a-miss anytime soon and they would kill it for good.

User Info: DarkDoc

4 weeks ago#10
An announcement? Yeah, it's laughable.

Would I want it? No, the last game missed out most of the good characters.
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  3. Is it really laughable to expect some MvC news next evo?