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User Info: Dark Symphony

Dark Symphony
1 month ago#21
I don't know why people pretend that experiences aren't influenced by surrounding factors.

There's a reason people don't check stocks after they've sold them. There's a reason Jill and Shuma-Gorath forever have asterisks aside their names in MVC3. Post launch content isn't free net gains even if it costs nothing (under certain conditions).

Notice how homeboy didn't say "This is better and good!" He said "They're still in development!" Why the F would I, as a consumer, care about any of that. None of that behind the scenes crap should be in my ring to wrestle with.

Free post launch characters killed the small TTT2 community in my area. Namco said "What are you doing? If you were able to get all the pre order characters we still have more coming after launch! Why are you playing right now and diminishing the impact of the full experience? You should be waiting otherwise your interest will wane and you won't enjoy the post release content as much!"

And so we waited. And other games came out. And we got distracted. And even though they were "new" characters we were still being asked to bust out an old game. An old game that we could have been playing and growing attached to that whole time.

User Info: CVGuile

1 month ago#22
We keep having the same conversations. Nobody ever thinks to look at history to get a glimpse of how different the PS1 library looks had modern DLC paradigms been a thing back then. We don't get Tekken 2 in this world's 1996--we get two or three season packs that add Baek, Bruce, Jun, etc. to Tekken 1. I don't know anyone who in hindsight would make that trade.

User Info: Taitao

1 month ago#23
*plays zankuro's final theme*

User Info: BlazingSpeed

1 month ago#24
Will Smith posted...
Dark Symphony posted...
Trash. Just put the characters in the game.



Seriously, this game should had have had an Arcade debut and get ported to consoles half a year later.

I only say that because arcade releases guarantee that all the characters will be in the game. Some might be time releases or hidden, but they will all be in the damn game.

Fighting games developed exclusively for consoles just allows the stupid DLC / season pass nonsense to fester.

That and a PC version,

User Info: ImMaximusOz

1 month ago#25
Strider Hien posted...
Seiichi Omori posted...
so is the free season pass promo only for digital downloads or physical, too

“Players can purchase the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One physically or digitally anytime between now and June 30 to receive the first six months of additional content for free including four additional characters that have yet to be revealed.”

Source: Eventhubs.


GT - I M Maximus OZ

User Info: marchefelix

1 month ago#26
You will get Gen-NONE of that :P
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8/8/2018 - K. Rool was finally added to Smash Bros.

User Info: ShinAkuma777

1 month ago#27
gen-an coming back after all these years would be cool
I leave the tricks for the ladies.

User Info: DreamwingNero

1 month ago#28
Gen-An is coming.

But. I think there's a chance he's season 2. If the game explodes in popularity they can start hedging their bets and take chances to keep people interested longer.

I wouldn't mind seeing the big red monster demon thing be there.

User Info: Dark Symphony

Dark Symphony
4 weeks ago#29
Gen-An would be a really odd choice for a DLC character (is Wan-Fu in it? I don't think so).

I have no idea what they have planned but I'm confident it will be stupid since they're releasing their game in a stupid way. The issue with DLC gimmicks is that what sells DLC and the mindset behind it is often different than what goes behind releasing a traditional game. A game is a gestalt of all of its parts. A varied cast can go a long way. When you isolate characters as DLC you tend to want to lean more toward easy sell "popular' or cheap heat characters. This is why female fetish characters and guest characters are common go to choices. Not to say that we haven't seen our fair share of "round out the roster after release" characters.

So stupid. So dumb to see the identity of this game watered down just like many others.

User Info: ljobenza

4 weeks ago#30
Dark Symphony posted...
Seiichi Omori posted...
Dark Symphony posted...
Trash. Just put the characters in the game.


You don't know that. Don't be a rube.

And you literally don't either DS. Stop being a hypocrite.
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