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  3. Who was your favorite of the original Killer Instinct fighters?

User Info: SuspectWords

1 month ago#11
SNES version.
Fulgore. Literally pops off (head) and blasts away opponent. Too brutal.

Jago. Because "Let's do it now" and oouyaaah!!

Sabrewulf. He's just cool all around.

Special mentions: Glacius. Lance arm much? Liquid uppercut shenanigans.

Eyedol. Because I like stomping the ground to improve my moves' effectiveness. ...and using lk seven times in a row then using an ender for a true combo. I know the full combos and all that. But that lk combo always made me laugh. He's the only character that has a combo like that in the game. Not counting sf style combos.

Killer Kuts is a great OST. Fullbore is a personal.
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User Info: Strider Hien

Strider Hien
1 month ago#12

Loved his combos and aesthetic.
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User Info: zKanoe

1 month ago#13
Jago for me, Spinal/fulgore for my bro.
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User Info: Dark Symphony

Dark Symphony
1 month ago#14

User Info: KillerKhan420

1 month ago#15
Chief thunder for me. Arcade and console.

That remade KI, what a POS that was. Ki had it's final moment in the 90s as far as I'm concerned.
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User Info: Pitaya

4 weeks ago#16
I danced to K.I. Feeling entirely too much as a kid to not say Orchid
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User Info: MKScorpion

4 weeks ago#17
Spinal and Fulgore

User Info: StealthRUSH

4 weeks ago#18
Spinal, Cinder were my two favorite as a kid. Loved performing their Ultra combos.
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User Info: Von23

4 weeks ago#19
I used to like Orchid and Riptor, but then I picked up Jago and never looked back.
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User Info: r25

4 weeks ago#20
Cinder because forward, forward punch.
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