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  3. Thinking about it, what the hell was the strategy with yearly KoF games?

User Info: Solid Sonic

Solid Sonic
1 month ago#1
This is a platform where games cost $200. How would anyone justify buying new installments on an annual basis at that price?
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User Info: Dark Symphony

Dark Symphony
1 month ago#2
I don't think consumers look at things in that way. No one assessed KOF as a yearly buy in.

User Info: Zula593

1 month ago#3
Arcades were still going strong at that time (the early 90's).
Neo Geo arcade cabinets were used carteidges

I think the strategy at the time was geared more towards Arcade owners who would buy the games at that price, and expect make back the cost, plus a significant profit, over the following year.

User Info: Splatterhouse5

1 month ago#4
I think so as well. SNK's primary market was arcades, while the AES was for the collector niche. After a year, when interest in last KOF could be waning, a new one comes along to revitalize the audience. Consumers aren't buying in, since the price is a coin per play regardless.
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User Info: KarateTiger

1 month ago#5
I suspect it wasn't planned by the company, maybe they just named the first game with the present year '94 to put an emphasis in the tournament King of Fighters...
And you know at that time Neo Geo was popular with third party developers. That same year we got three fighting games (Aggresors of Dark Kombat, Fight Fever, Karnov's Revenge) from other developers for example.
I suppose it was natural from SNK to put emphasis in the year being in the game's title because of the novelty of the 3 vs 3 playstyle.

Then KOF94 was a success (I'm talking of its home country) and I can tell you what happened in the arcade circuit of my city...
Besides that many of us were wishing success on that game some players were already sure of an upcoming KOF95, because of the many novel features of it (crossover, dialogues before the boss fight, a charismatic female team...) and of course the year being on the title.
By 1997 it was a tradition here predicting which arcade would got the new KOF...

Then of course by the dying days of SNK in 2000/01 I bet an intern goal for the developers was to conclude a decade of KOFs by 2003 even with the IP in other hands as it happened with Eolith's help.
And you know, months after KOF03 the Neo Geo AES itself was put to rest.
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User Info: DreamwingNero

1 month ago#6
As people said the home market wasn't viable as a big business, it was more repackaging the exact same arcade cartridges onto console meaning low costs and might aswell.

Yearly arcade releases was a thing with Capcom too, except across different branches of SF/clones. Alpha Series, EX series, Rival schools, Crossovers, a lot of releases between 96 and 2000.

The yearly kof thing got stale though for SNK. They also went bankrupt in the early 2000's iirc. Wiki doesn't really describe WHY they went bankrupt though. Very late 90's, arcades were banging.

Sounds like some serious mis-management and must have kept margins razor thin during a high point to immediately s#1t the bed in 2000 and bankruptcy in 2001.

User Info: marchefelix

1 month ago#7
The real question is why do they keep using the same storytelling model they used for their yearly releases when they seem to release them every four years now?

Do they think it’s fun to leave us in a cliffhanger and then follow it up four years later? Obviously not, but it still sucks.
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User Info: Fazeo13

1 month ago#8
The game was kinda low budget so yearly releases made sense With the arcade scene not being so hot anymore

I don't know when we will get another KOF though? Are they going to start from scratch? Hopefully Samsho does well, SNK are in the niche so I don't know how well they're doing. KOF 14 didn't exactly set the world on fire.
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User Info: Wazzupguys

1 month ago#9
tey should have done things like this
KoF 94' - KoF
KoF 95' - KoF II
KoF 96' - KoF II: Chapter 2 - Bad Blood
KoF 97' - KoF II: Chapter 3 - Orochi Returns
KoF 98' - KoF II Special: The Slugfest
KoF 99' - KoF III: Millenium Battle
KoF 2000 - KoF III: Chapter 2 - Zero Strikes Back
KoF 2001 - KoF III: Chapter 3 - Global Escalation
KoF 2002 - KoF III Special: Challenge to Ultimate Battle
KoF 2003 - KoF IV
KoF XI - KoF IV: The Do Over
KoF XIII - KoF V Special
Kof XIV - KoF VI
KoF XV - KoF VII(?)

User Info: Solid Sonic

Solid Sonic
1 month ago#10
Fazeo13 posted...
I don't know when we will get another KOF though? Are they going to start from scratch?

KoF XV is confirmed for 2020.

And they're in the middle of a storyline, they aren't going to be rebooting soon.
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