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User Info: SkyBluEye

4 weeks ago#11
Oh, and SFIII

User Info: KillerKhan420

4 weeks ago#12
Wazzupguys posted...
In your opinion?
Street Fighter:world warrior by miles, made the most money for Capcom of all SF games
King of the Monsters:not a fighter. First is a wrestling game, second a beat em up
Fatal Fury:garou
Art of Fighting:2
Mortal Kombat:2
World Heroes:2
Variable Geo:never played
Power Instinct:never played
ClayFighter:none the games SUCKED
Slam Masters:it has to be part 2, the first one was more wrestling
Samurai Shodown:2
Eternal Champions:Sega cd
Virtua Fighter:4
Killer Instinct:the original
The King of Fighters:98
Darkstalkers:night warriors
Battle Arena Toshinden:2
Zero Divide:never played
Savage Reign:never played
Fighting Vipers: only played part 1 so that
Psychic Force:never played
Dead or Alive:only played part 2
Star Gladiator:it only has one game I believe???
Bloody Roar: primal furt
Rival Schools:whichever one was on the psx
The Last Blade:never played
Guilty Gear:never played
The Rumble Fish:never played
BlazBlue:never played
"I know how the business works because I'm a wrestling fan"-hulkhogan1
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User Info: SengokuNoMaou

4 weeks ago#14
Street Fighter: Street Fight 3: Third Strike
King of the Monsters: King of the Monsters 2
Fatal Fury: Garou: Mark of the Wolves
Art of Fighting: Art of Fighting 3: Path of the Warrior
Mortal Kombat: Mortal Kombat 9
World Heroes: World Heroes Perfect
Variable Geo:n/a
Power Instinct:Power Instinct 2
ClayFighter: ClayFighters 2
Slam Masters: Ring of Destruction
Samurai Shodown: Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage
Eternal Champions: n/a
Virtua Fighter: Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown B
Killer Instinct: Killer Instinct Gold
The King of Fighters: King of Fighter XI
Darkstalkers: Darkstalkers 3
Tekken: Tekken Tag Tournament
Battle Arena Toshinden: Battle Arena Toshinden 3
Zero Divide: n/a
Savage Reign: Kizuna Encounter
Fighting Vipers: n/a
Soulcalibur: Soulcalibur 3
Psychic Force: n/a
Dead or Alive: Dead or Alive 6
Star Gladiator: Plasma Sword
Bloody Roar: Bloody Roar 4
Rival Schools: Project Justice
The Last Blade: The Last Blade 2
Guilty Gear: Guilty Gear X2 Accent Core Plus R
The Rumble Fish: n/a
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

User Info: SONIC_305

4 weeks ago#15
Street Fighter: Street fighter iv
Fatal Fury: garou mark of the wolves (altho the older ones are a tie but cant resist rock)
Killer Instinct: first one
The King of Fighters: KOF XIII
Tekken: tag tournament 2
Soulcalibur: soul calibur 2
Dead or Alive: DOA 5
Bloody Roar: 3
Rival Schools:
The Last Blade: 2
Guilty Gear: XX accent core plus
BlazBlue: Central fiction
Under Night: UNIBST
PSN: KlonoaxGuntz BBCF Mains: Ragna, Makoto, Izayoi and Es
Games Playing: DBFZ, BBCF, & Monster Hunter World
Street Fighter Alpha 2
Garou Mark of the Wolves
Art of Fighting 3
World Heroes Perfect
Power Instinct Matrimelee
Samurai Shodown II
The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match
Darkstalkers 3
Savage Reign: Kizuna Encounter
The Last Blade 2

User Info: pigboy

4 weeks ago#17
Street Fighter Alpha 2
Capcom vs SNK 2
Fatal Fury Real Bout Special
Samurai Shodown 4
The King of Fighters 98
Darkstalkers Vampire Hunter
Dead or Alive: 3
Guilty Gear: XX

User Info: HaohmaruOfFire

4 weeks ago#18
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Johnny FountainS on youtube
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User Info: Jin_Sakazaki

4 weeks ago#19
Street Fighter: 3rd Strike
King of the Monsters: Not a fan
Fatal Fury: Real Bout Special
Art of Fighting: 2, I guess. Certainly not 3.
Mortal Kombat: 2.
World Heroes: Jet
Variable Geo: Not a fan
Power Instinct: Matrimelee :D
ClayFighter: Bleech
Slam Masters: 1st one
Samurai Shodown: 2. And it's one of my favorite fighting games of all time
Eternal Champions: the one on Sega CD is the only one worth playing.
Virtua Fighter: 5
Killer Instinct: Classic
The King of Fighters: 98. My favorite fighting game hands down.
Darkstalkers: 3
Tekken: Tag 2
Battle Arena Toshinden: 2
Zero Divide: Never played. Or heard of it.
Savage Reign: ditto
Fighting Vipers: There was more than one?
Soulcalibur: Hmm....... 4
Psychic Force: The first one is the only one I played. Liked it, though
Dead or Alive: They all suck equally. Not a fan. Like, at all.
Star Gladiator: Never played the sequel as I didn't like the first one
Bloody Roar: Not a fan
Rival Schools: Project Justice.
The Last Blade: 2. I didn't like the first one. Natural sounds only, btw. Hate the music.
Guilty Gear: #r
The Rumble Fish: only played the first game.
BlazBlue: Whichever one Hazama 1st appeared in
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