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User Info: Muscle Buster

Muscle Buster
4 weeks ago#31
Oh for...The first Darkstalkers? At least put on 2 or 3, ya witless dickbags.

Will Smith posted...

I sincerely feel sorry for this company.

But...their redemption, Will.

Neo-Violen posted...
People finally get a home port of AvP and it's locked behind a 260 dollar plug and play console, lmao.

God bless MAME.
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User Info: DigitechX

4 weeks ago#32
Been looking around the net for some opinions, and seems like it's a majority opinion that the thing is just too expensive and the actual design is very unappealing. Perhaps given this thing is six months out Capcom will make some changes to make it more consumer friendly, but this is Capcom we're talking about so I would expect excuses when it fails instead like "There just wasn't enough interest in it."

User Info: Shinobi120

4 weeks ago#33
LordRattergun posted...
Capcom confirms that Hyper FIghting is indeed the best version of SF2 and that Super Turbo is a meme.

LOL...both Super Turbo & SF II: Champion Edition are far more popular & played than SF II: Hyper Fighting.

Don't believe me? Look at the numbers on Fightcade.

marchefelix posted...
Capcom can’t even get a nostalgia cash grab right lol

This. This is Playstation Classic all over again.
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User Info: Soulful Spirit

Soulful Spirit
4 weeks ago#34
Will Smith posted...
I think Capcom could have re-released an updated version of their CPS Changer home console, to have digital versions of all releases of CPS, CPS-II, and CPS-III included in the console with online play. Have 4 USB adapters so customers can play using the controller of their choice in addition to the default joystick that is included.

Capcom could have also released a handheld with a six face button layout left and right shoulder triggers. It should have the dimensions of the PS Vita. It might seem too ambitious but in addition to having the CPS hardware titles built in, also include 3D arcade ports of Capcom games featured in arcade PSX and Naomi hardware. Star Gladiator, Project Justice, CVS2, etc.

Yeah, we all know Crapcom is too lazy to do that. Hell, I bet these games aren't even in 4K.
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User Info: Vulcan422

4 weeks ago#35
Shinobi120 posted...
LOL...both Super Turbo & SF II: Champion Edition are far more popular & played than SF II: Hyper Fighting.

Don't believe me? Look at the numbers on Fightcade.

I can see it. Hyper Fighting likely made some changes that people didn't agree with. Especially since it was balanced by Capcom USA instead of Capcom Japan, and was mostly made as a response to all the crazy modified SF2 cabinets floating around like Rainbow Edition and Kouryu.

Champion Edition will always be my personal favorite, especially since it had the best versions of Guile and Bison to ever exist in mainline Street Fighter. Probably Sagat too unless O. Sagat is better than him.
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User Info: Jaded_Dragon

4 weeks ago#36
Well. The sticks themselves use good components, so that's a plus. Uses Final Burn as the emulator, which is the best CPS emulator out there. I guess my big question is how much space is on this thing? I can get over playing on a giant Capcom logo if it's easy to put more games onto it.
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User Info: DreamwingNero

4 weeks ago#37
The two player thing is a minus for sure. Even if you're just a casual spammer playing with your kid bother or something it still has the inherent problems seen in tournaments. Players triggered the opponent might be reading joystick movements, intruding on someones personal space - some huge guy rubbing elbows on some little Japanese guy, shaking the joystick when annoyed lol etc.

Even if your using it to front at some dweeb event, no ones going to use it for two player when money is on the line. Playing it on your lap is a no no too as it will be unbalanced and look dumb and most tournaments don't have the luxury of "correct" height tables not to mention the 4 or more inches above the table it probably is - uncomfortable.
I just read something to the effect that the device is using a non-commercial emulator illegally?
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User Info: Lost7th

4 weeks ago#39
They should have just made it a nice TE style stick with all the junk inside, allow for link capability (With other USB pads) and charge half the price and LOAD IT OUT THE ASS with games.

User Info: Blessranger

4 weeks ago#40
GuiltiestGearXX posted...
Also, no CPS3 or Atomiswave titles, haha.

Actually, Capcom never released any games on Atomiswave, but SNK did some. (as a way of ending the outdated Neo Geo era for good)
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