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User Info: BombermanGold

4 weeks ago#11
HopesPeak posted...
Bayman from DOA. Tekken's Russian guy also uses Sambo but I always forget he's Russian coz he looks so fruity. I see way more Russian characters using Sambo, but Wrestling is a close-second. Zarya from Overwatch is supposed to be a wrestler.

I wouldn't call Dragunov "fruity" by any stretch. And he's Russian.

DK9292 posted...
What's Germany's style? It just occurred to me, I don't think they have one. Unless I'm mistaken they're the one nationality in fighting games that always has a different style.

It's a stereotype thing borrowed from a lot of old fighting anime. Hell, Street Fighter 2 borrowed stuff from the Kinnikuman series, with pairing nationality with how someone fights.

I think the only MAJOR subversion that I saw in an old interview was the creators trying to find what to fit with a Spanish fighter, and they still had "Ninja" written on a list...

As for German characters in fighting games of old (and maybe even recent), they tend to be military based along with clothing.
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User Info: KingzJuster

4 weeks ago#12
Dragonuv? "Fruity"? Naahhhhh. He's not the typical "husky Ruskie" with his body frame being so lean (yet still muscular), but he's very much a manly character. Which is saying something since Tekken is jam-packed with manly men.

Quite a few people say that he's one of the last truly good newer Tekken character designs.
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