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  3. Are there any ''fighting animal'' characters actually that fight like animals?

User Info: DK9292

1 month ago#1
As in, no martial arts or goofy s***?

Tekken has Kuma and Roger, but Kuma is stated to be trained in Mishima martial arts and has elements of sumo in his moveset (since he was originally based on Ganryu), while Roger is just based on the cartoon boxing kangaroo stereotype rather than an actual kangaroo. This applies to Roger Jr. and Alex too.

Street Fighter's Blanka isn't an animal but he's supposed to fight like one. Yet his moveset doesn't resemble any actual animal, and relies on just as much cartoony and fantastic moves (rolling through the air, electricity, etc).

Darkstalkers' Jon Talblain is a werewolf, but fights like a martial artist.

Bloody Roar, all the characters are werebeasts to justify them mixing in martial arts.

I've never had the opportunity to play Killer Instinct or Primal Rage sadly, so how do the characters from those games fit this? And are there any others that might count?
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User Info: Blue_Inigo

1 month ago#2
Riptor from KI fights like a goddamn dinosaur. The only real supernatural thing she has is fire breath
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User Info: DarkDoc

1 month ago#3

User Info: Soulful Spirit

Soulful Spirit
1 month ago#4
Primal Rage?!
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User Info: GuiltiestGearXX

1 month ago#5
Iggy, Pet Shop
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User Info: BombermanGold

1 month ago#6
Poppy (Galford's dog) in the Samurai Shodown games where he's selectable solo.

(Obviously) all the dinos of that Warpath: Jurassic Park fighting game.
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User Info: pikapika212

1 month ago#7
Naruto GNT - Akamaru
Blazblue - Valkenhyne - when in wolf form
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User Info: CVGuile

1 month ago#8
Django in Ehrgeiz is basically a dog. There's a chicken in Eternal Champions CD. And Tobal 2 lets you play as a bunch of monsters, including a chocobo. Maybe Motaro in MK3 counts?
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User Info: MKScorpion

1 month ago#9
Sabrewulf and Riptor from KI both fight like you would expect them to.

Primal Rage characters also don't use martial arts except the gorillas do have a traditional looking uppercut.

User Info: Blessranger

1 month ago#10
What about the King of Dinosaurs?
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