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User Info: Trickfinger

1 month ago#1
Do you?

I survived reading guys like you

User Info: Krow_Incarnate

1 month ago#2
Pretty much what I do exclusively.

It's a shame AI is so bad these days. It doesn't even need to be smart AI; they're just ragdolls compared to what it was back in the PS1 days.
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User Info: Lost7th

1 month ago#3
I only ever fight play the CPU if none of my buddies are around. To be frank I just don't get anything out of playing with online strangers. I acknowledge the skill difference, but if I can't see, talk to or actually interact with an opponent on a human level, then I really don't see how fighting some random kid a country away is any different than cranking up the difficulty and playing by myself. And even that aforementioned "skill difference" isn't always guaranteed.

Playing strangers in the arcade was fun because there was the human element, you talked, joked, saw each other in person and regardless of how well you got on it was still a genuine human interaction. Online play despite being able to reach people across the whole globe doesn't have that. At best you might get a bit of hate mail or a friend request for a fight queue, and I've certainly been able to recognize a name now and again across games but there's no connection. You may get a GG but then you both just f*** off to do whatever after a couple of fights.

User Info: Will Smith

Will Smith
1 month ago#4
CPU is very fun to play against in most games. The programmers usually give each character a signature script that makes the fight enjoyable.

I like how SFII made each CPU character go berserk when they were in danger of losing.

User Info: Vulcan422

1 month ago#5
Nope. CPUs are mere machines that can be exploited, thus providing no challenge once you figure out their weakness.
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User Info: HaohmaruOfFire

1 month ago#6
I don't have any friends

So yes
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User Info: Will Smith

Will Smith
1 month ago#7
Vulcan422 posted...
Nope. CPUs are mere machines that can be exploited, thus providing no challenge once you figure out their weakness.

Lazy, shallow A.I. like those in AOF2 and early MK are an absolute waste of time and sorry excuses for Vs CPU battles. Input reads and general cheats by the A.I. negate the experience or any semblance of challenge. You basically get punished for pressing a button.

The SFIV games on iOS had the best A.I. I've ever played, actually using FADC into Ultra, reversals, smart use of EX specials, and damaging, good custom combo juggles when fighting Juri and Yun.

It would have been cool if SF30th featured an extra A.I. difficulty based on high level tournament player strategies....imagine fighting against a CPU that did Valle CC in SFA2, crouch cancel juggle crap in SFA3, or a Urien that played like RX or Kuroda's Q.
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User Info: zKanoe

1 month ago#8
I love fighting CPUs. It is a huge negative if the computers aren't remotely a challenge to play against, and I enjoy triumphing over the "broken"/notorious A.I of SNK games. In fighting games it's like playing a beat em up where the focus is generally 1 on 1 and more specialized/detailed move sets incorporated.

I know I've been disappointed in the max difficulty of computers in games like Jump Ultimate Stars (loved the game, but the A.I was so poor that it died once the player base died), Tekken 7 (only slightly disappointed), Soul Calibur VI (depends on the cpu, ok overall), Dragon Ball Fighterz (mediocre level/not fun enough to mess around with too much bad that the arcade has difficulty is focused on just buffing their stats instead of making them more challenging with unique strategies), and USF2 (bad since it is ridiculously easy on max difficulty).

That said, most fighting games have fun/enjoyable enough A.I for me. I like Rival Schools' A.I, Soul Edge + SoulCalibur A.I, fighting the computers in Garou, KoF 02 UM, and many others.

My favorite A.I as of late has been in Smash Bros Ultimate. The CPUs are aggressive, use some offensive techniques you'd see tourney folks do, and actually taught me some neat recovery strategies and approaches. I get goosebumps when I play with them at times being surprised at how good of a job they did with it. I'm excited for the new Samurai Shodown since they had been talking about the new ghost AI feature that should make for some interesting matches.
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User Info: Nadster

1 month ago#9
Yeah. I always enjoy fighting the C.P.U. Well as long as it is not extremely cheap.
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User Info: Valiant_Kaiser

1 month ago#10
Other than SNK bosses, yes.
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