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User Info: Will Smith

Will Smith
1 month ago#1
Basically which fighting games have you played that had the most memorable end credits sequence or music?

Most memorable for me is:

Tekken 2
Rival Schools
Capcom Vs SNK 2
Street Fighter EX3 (not for the music, but for the interaction during the credit sequence)

User Info: Jin_Sakazaki

1 month ago#2
KOF 95. The Sunset Sky
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User Info: CVGuile

1 month ago#3

Soul Calibur II and onward. The music itself even when it was used in SC1 has always ranked very high for me.

User Info: KidFlashYJ

1 month ago#4

It's the only one I listen to frequently.

User Info: Soulful Spirit

Soulful Spirit
1 month ago#5
3rd Strike........
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User Info: indie_animator

1 month ago#6
Will Smith posted...

Cool topic. I've been into game music for so long. CvS2 is a great one.

Also, @CVGuile & @KidFlashYJ -Great choices. I have the SC4 version from the soundtrack.
Oh yes, 3rd Strike- another soundtrack I have.

I'll add something from ArcSys-
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User Info: HaohmaruOfFire

1 month ago#7
Marvel Super Heroes
Johnny FountainS on youtube
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User Info: BlueAnnihilator

1 month ago#8
MvC came to mind immediately
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User Info: Nexwred

1 month ago#9
Tekken Tag 2. Every single time I beat Arcade mode, I just sat and listened to both themes. Amazing.
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