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User Info: Lost7th

2 months ago#11
I remember Lion in VF2 was a real b****. Low stance mantis style is hard to deal with.

User Info: DarkDoc

2 months ago#12
I just got bored of facing Ryu in the 90s.

User Info: DreamwingNero

2 months ago#13
any char that is a bad matchup for mine.

User Info: Will Smith

Will Smith
2 months ago#14
Fighting Blanka in any version of SFIV online.

User Info: HaohmaruOfFire

2 months ago#15
ken masters
Johnny FountainS on youtube
I love Goldeneye the movie

User Info: Nadster

1 month ago#16
Ibuki in Pocket Fighter. It's that air kick she keeps spamming.
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User Info: Shieldlesscap

1 month ago#17
Pikachu in Ultimate
Haven’t played enough other fighting games online to hate the matchups yet.
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User Info: GanglyKhan

1 month ago#18
militant agnostic posted...
The mirror match.

This. My brain just shuts down from confusion lol
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El Fuerte is everything I hate about SF4 in a single character.

User Info: str8Knowledge

1 month ago#20
Dali Dagger
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