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User Info: Neo-Violen

3 months ago#11
SoR destroys.

Only Final Fight game that holds my interest is the arcade original, meanwhile all three SoR games are fantastic. Bare Knuckle III by itself annihilates the entire FF series.
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User Info: Robin_Mask

3 months ago#12

Awesome characters, gameplay, levels, and music.
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User Info: DigitechX

3 months ago#13
SOR and it's not even close. Hopefully SOR4 turns out to be good since they're taking their time with it.

User Info: MilleniumWEAPON

3 months ago#14
Lost7th posted...
The one with Yuzo Koshiro
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User Info: Supremo

3 months ago#15
Will Smith posted...
Final Fight had one truly excellent game.

Streets of Rage had 3 hits in a row.
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User Info: Rambo85

3 months ago#16
I think the first Final Fight is the best game overall but the other three Streets of Rage games are better than Final Fight 2 & 3. I voted Final Fight because I had an SNES growing up & not a Genesis though.

User Info: Evil Ryu919

Evil Ryu919
3 months ago#17
Overall SOR series. In fact I'd go so far to say SOR bests any Capcom beat em' up. Not that I don't like Capcom beat em ups.

FF had 3 characters of different variety, so did SOR along with diverse characters. FF changed this in pt. 2 but didn't like the 2 new characters as much, same with 3.

SOR consistently had Excellent music and just better use of color. FF had some ok tunes, ok colors and character design.

SOR it was very satisfying using weapons on enemies, FF the weapons kind of had the same sound, some slight differences but just not satisfying.

SOR had more interesting enemies and bosses, FF had some, but most of the bosses were just big guys that did similar attacks, just palate swapped. FF did have Rolento, Hugo and Sodom which is cool though.

SOR had more moves - throws and vaulting + slams, blitz attacks in 2+3 and 2 special moves per character. FF had moves to get the job done and added super moves to part 3 which was cool.
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User Info: Rypt

3 months ago#18
Ok, wasnt goint to take sides, but I agree. Streets of Rage was the better of the two series. All 3 games were great. Final Fight 1 was great but when I played FF2 and FF3 for the first time I was like wtf? Should have kept the original 3 characters, in the original outfits, and added on.

User Info: IngSlayer

3 months ago#19
i like maki when i see her neck

User Info: The Wheelman1

The Wheelman1
3 months ago#20
Final Fight is iconic but SoR is better.
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