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User Info: Lord_Wombat

1 month ago#21
DarkDoc posted...
T-Matt-16 posted...
I like the speed and different jump speeds/distances in KOF the most, these days most fighters feel good from a control standpoint though.

Funny you mention speed. A lot of my mates used to like games with turbo settings, but I never saw the fascination. I don't want a game to be too slow, but I don't want it to be too fast either.

I agree, but I chalk it up to the same reasons some people prefer speed chess (which I've also never liked/been great at).

Just a different "harder" way to play, I suppose.
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User Info: DreamwingNero

1 month ago#22
I just like how the poll lists games (singular), entire series (kof) and people here mentioning entire companies.

Heck might aswell just add console/arcade as a category.

User Info: DarkDoc

1 month ago#23
Lord_Wombat posted...
Tekken or DBFZ

Interesting choices. I don't know anything about DBFZ, what makes it so good?

User Info: DarkDoc

4 weeks ago#24
guedesbrawl posted...
If you are bringing intuitiveness as a factor then Smash takes it so hard it's not even funny because of how attacks work.

Yeah, intuitiveness, predictability, feel-good factor, all of that.

User Info: DarkDoc

4 weeks ago#25
Will Smith posted...
Nineties Street Fighter games.

Yeah, SF2 was good. Alpha was good. SFEX was good. SF3 was reasonable (parry was too fiddly and high-risk for most people). I'm still of the opinion that SF games don't always need a dash.

User Info: JELIFISH19

4 weeks ago#26
Them's Fightin' Herds

All of those games were heavily influenced by the feel of old fast-paced Capcom games such as Marvel and Darkstalkers.
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User Info: jky7702

4 weeks ago#27
LMH is westernized garbage, only suitable for weapon based fighters. DBZ and MVC3 would have been better with 2p, 2k.

But Arcsys seems to want to dumb everything down these days.

User Info: pigboy

4 weeks ago#28
SFA2 game or CVS2 game.

User Info: DarkDoc

3 weeks ago#29
MK9_Prodigy posted...
Smash by a long shot honestly

Because it's simple?

User Info: DarkDoc

2 weeks ago#30
Superlinkbro posted...
It's either Tekken or SoulCalibur to me. Tekken and it's juggle mechanics are so fine and fluid to pull off but SC with it's parry and blocking feels way more natural. It's close to me but SC is better imo.

Main difference between these two for me is the blocking. I usually prefer away to block, rather than buttons.
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