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    Franchises may be resilient and be established enough to risk the mov but the people behind them may not be and it's a really tough sell to tell someone to take the risk for the greater good.

    But where does Harada fit into this? He was never in a position to "take the risk" in the first place. Nobody is asking him to steel himself. It's not like he got wrapped up in a bad situation and picked one of a handful of possible avenues to escape from it and now we're telling him what he should have done instead. There is no viking in Tekken. There was never any talk about a viking in Tekken. I don't think anyone would have even thought a viking was within the nexus of SJW rebuke. Advising someone to not unnecessarily seek the attention of the very people he's afraid of attracting--totally unprompted, mind you--is different than asking him to take one for the team.

    Maybe he simply doesnt like SJWs.


    I know it's tough to track everything in online conversations like these and there are definitely things I'm thinking that I've either not conveyed or forgotten to write down.

    I think Haradasanz was just taking an opportunity to crap on some stuff that bothered him. I never thought a Viking was in the realm of some kind of PC bait. Then again, he's not from here so he may not see the lines where I see them. Not every comment is meant to contribute to the "fight."

    The other position I've been arguing is why people care and get worked up over these things. I don't think Haradasanz position was meant to be an official statement but I do understand why it could be a latent concern in the back of his mind and I definitely understand why people see this stuff as a big deal. Even considering this:

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    Weird coincidence but the news just broke today that James Gunn was rehired. I think that solidifies my point that the support network is the key element. It can either allow bad guys to continue their enterprises or reverse injustices by putting pressure where it needs to be. The big question mark is you never know what direction that wind is going to blow.

    The last sentence there is indeed critical and then there's the fact that people don't want to go through the crap in the first place. I've coached some people (informally) on how to deal with workplace situations where they've been wrong and unfairly sanctioned in some way. In situations where they were ultimately vindicated they don't often end up back at square one. They're still shaken up, angry, bitter and resentful and their superiors know that so now they've been wronged AND they've been marked as a problem because they are upset they were wronged. Not exactly a 1:1 situation but the point I'm making is the stuff has an effect on the individual and I can see why people are worried.