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    Johnny Blaque posted...
    As for mischaracterizations you spreading lies about Shkreli literally being JAILED for pissing off "the mob" was in bad faith and reframing some unrelated thing to empower your weak argument.

    That's 100% incorrect and bluerain didn't return to actually go back and forth on that. (I'm kind of relieved he didn't because it seemed like a real hot button issue for him and it was really just a quick throw away example for m. As I said, I wanted to separate it and set it aside first so as not to derail the topic. I will, however, pose a similar question to you as I did him because I think you're not being quite genuine here:

    Are you saying that public outcry never plays a role in what happens to people when it shouldn't? I don't fall for the gimmick where you get to question my example and be off the hook for acknowledging the core point. And if the core points is true then the alleged bad example cannot be in bad faith but can only be a bad example. We can argue about what happened to Shrkeli separately but first you need to stick out and tell me:

    Public outrage does not often directly influence things that happen to people in ways it shouldn't. Is that your position?

    Johnny Blaque posted...
    To your credit you did admit to being wrong about that.

    (Yet you still think it was a bad faith argument. Amazing stuff). To be more accurate, I admitted that I could be wrong. I then set it aside for the purposes I've stated before. Would you be interested in talking about the Shkreli situation a little more in-depth? Because, while I could have had my dates/facts wrong, I still thing a reasonable argument can be made that public outcry played a role in something it shouldn't have. I don't get starstruck by words like "jailed." Someone going to jail doesn't add legitimacy to anything for me. It shouldn't for any reasonable person. What legitimizes things for me are the actual facts. "If he didn't do it then why is he in jail?" is a silly position.

    Johnny Blaque posted...
    I've never reframed the argument, simply stated things as they were. But I clearly see you seem smart enough to realize when things are bait but stubborn enough to bite anyways and proud enough to never regret it. I'm not going to have any more to add to this discourse and I have a feeling we are going down the path of you screaming "ur the real problem!" lol.

    Let's dance and see where we end up.