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User Info: BabaBzaa

1 month ago#1
Everything about it just irks the piss out of me when played competitively.

-The way the characters run back and forth like they're dodging raindrops(dash dancing)

-How you can rack up damage on your opponent but lose a stock because of one random sneak move you were ill-prepared for

-PK Fire Spam. I was Gigyas would have won.

-Lag. (Which usually means I'm fighting Ganondorf)

-The power of one move. Like for all the tilts/specials and smashes, Smash feels like you learn your 3 best moves and repeat.

-Projectiles/The entire camp strategy. Nothing like a Samus with missiles, bombs, and a charge beam at his disposal. Unless it's a Link with arrows, bombs, and boomerangs. Or a Belmont with crosses, PK Fire Potions, and axes. Or Star Wolf. ...or Cloud. When in doubt, run to the edge and fire away!

I have to expand on this, which is why I said "the entire camp strategy". Like in Street Fighter or KoF, some characters have tactics similar to this, but the reward is once you get in, you have more options and you are rewarded. In Smash, it's not like that. Many projectile characters(Link, Samus) have a long range grab in addition to their spamming. So even when you get in, you can easily find yourself thrown off the edge, fighting to keep from getting edge-guarded off the stage. In addition, the nature of projectiles in this game make it even more difficult to counter. Take Guile for example, he throws a Sonic Boom. He has so many recovery frames in addition to having to charge before another one, plus having to choose between throwing one out and using a flash kick. In Smash, it's the B button. Literally tap B and repeat. This isn't including the fact that you have projectiles that cover for other projectiles. You have Boomerangs that stay in play and ca be launched forward and diagonally, long enough for you to shoot arrows and even throw in a bomb.

-Shenanigans. There are shenanigans in every fighter. Shenanigans that cost you the match on one life are another thing entirely. Didn't know Chrom's Up+B could insta-spike you at 0% when you attempt to edgeguard him? GG. Didn't know Ganon could suicide you with forward + B? GG.

-Battlefield stages. Like I feel like I'm fighting to stay out the air against some characters as it is. I don't need a extra platform for my opponent to up-tilt/Smash me through.

- Physics and how they work. In a fighting game, once you learn a character and their combos, I just feel it should work on everyone. Yet I fight a Pikachu or Kirby and suddenly nothing works. Of course it's twice as effective on Bowser. But 2-3 good hits on me by him and I'm dead , so screw him.
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User Info: EuroE

1 month ago#2
I mean yeah. I personally don't like it for those reasons. Too wishy washy.

User Info: TheJVSquad

1 month ago#3
Smash is pretty dynamic as far as the mechanics go.

You'll have to be one step ahead at all times.

Seems to me that you're failing to adapt to all the s*** that can, and will go on in a match.

No offense, but you have to get good or quit playing....

And I main Shulk, so imagine how difficult it is to deal with all the s*** you're talking about.

User Info: SuspectWords

1 month ago#4
Smash is obviously not the same as the regular fighters. There are different rules.

As far as getting bodied goes. It might take a bit of practice time to make accurate reads. If that's where you're having trouble. Just keep practicing. You'll be able to see just how much options a character has after some time.

Perfect your spacing and timing of launched attacks. Especially the timing.
Anything after that boils down to making mistakes that lead to punishes. Also, don't let your opponent train you into a routine. Play your game instead.

Believe in yourself and you will prevail.
You did quite well...but you need more training to defeat me.

User Info: BabaBzaa

1 month ago#5
OK the "winning and losing" aspect isn't the thing. I'm at over 3,900,000 with Yoshi. I'm at least a semi-decent player. I'm not saying there's moves that can't be countered. I'm saying that what you have to do is ridiculous sometimes. I don't consider "fighting" to be chasing someone with mines and grenades all over the place. There's a fine line between "zoning" and "chicken s*** running".

I also don't like how super match-up heavy this game is. Like I trained with Dr. Mario and watched four videos for 2 weeks and could barely stay above 3000000 GSP. Whereas with Yoshi I watched a 12 minute video, trained for 15, and went on a tear that lasted an hour and a half. I don't even feel like I'm that good; I just feel like he's so much better equipped for the spammers and cheesers than Mewtwo or Doc are.

The sword love is ridiculous as well. I would not be lying if I said 7 out of every 8 people I go against has a sword in their moveset.
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User Info: SuspectWords

1 month ago#6
In war, there is such a thing as a "tactical retreat" for better position. Same goes for fighting games. Evolve.

You should have a good grasp on how to respond to sword wielders. From the amount of time you say you've faced them.

At any rate. Good Luck.
You did quite well...but you need more training to defeat me.

User Info: Lost7th

1 month ago#7
Yes. Because it's not a fighter.

User Info: BabaBzaa

1 month ago#8
Oh and how did I forget the lag. Lag is an issue in all fighters but it's damn near a game killer in this game. Trying to recover and lag hits? Sorry, you lose a stock because your Up B didn't register. Getting grabbed by Ridley and lag hit? Sorry, you just got dragged off the stage because your buttons registered late! Trying to do a dash attack? Sorry, you ran into a Smash attack because the game didn't know you pressed A. Considering how much of pro play is fighting off the edge, you can't even risk going for off stage finishes consistently for fear of getting screwed over by input lag.
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User Info: Will Smith

Will Smith
1 month ago#9
You're certainly entitled @BabaBzaa. There are several mainstream fighters that I think are annoying AF at casual or high level.

- MVC2
- BlazBlue
- Tekken 6
- Virtua Fighter 2, 4
- Smash 3DS
- Bloody Roar 2
- Super Turbo

User Info: Landonio

4 weeks ago#10
Lost7th posted...
Yes. Because it's not a fighter.

Define "fighter".
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