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User Info: JELIFISH19

1 month ago#61
I'm somewhere between depth of gameplay and immediacy. Feel is the most important thing to me. I love it when it feels right when I first grab the stick and move around and press buttons. That's what all of my favorite games have in common. But I feel like accessibility gets in the way of that. BBTAG should be a game I love based on the mechanics. But doing stuff in that game wasn't physically fun for me. I want to press a lot of buttons and do motions. I need companies to stop removing those aspects from games with the aim to please casuals who don't stay anyway. Depth of gameplay is connected to this as well. I haven't played any games where the feel was right but depth of gameplay wasn't there. The developers were probably dedicated to making a good fighting game if they actually spent time getting the feel right.
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User Info: DarkDoc

1 month ago#62
^ I know what you mean. That's why I asked this:

jky7702 posted...
any veteran FG player knows Tekken is superior in terms of gameplay, systems, etc. but Injustass 2 won by a landslide on game awards, received 10/10 scores from every western publication and community poll in the west. Why is that? Its the graphics, game modes, progression systems, story mode (lip-synching), etc. Everything but the actual fighting.

Metacritic scores and IGN reviews will sell your FG faster than the best combat mechanics the human mind can conjure. MKX: 10 million copies sold, Tekken7: 3 million.

Exactly. That's because lots of people consider other things in addition to gameplay and longevity. What some reviewers do is give 7/10 for graphics, 9/10 for story mode, 5/10 for gameplay, and then give a final score that is an average of these three elements.
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