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User Info: Analytical

2 months ago#51
Roster, SMALLER roster equals good buy.

User Info: DarkDoc

1 month ago#52
SenSx posted...
It would be more interresting to have to chose between solo content or online

They were both there. Options 6 and 7.

User Info: XxGarfieldxX

1 month ago#53
Its all important.
Call me Garfield.

User Info: jky7702

1 month ago#54
CrossboneGundam posted...
jky7702 posted...
Sex appeal
Progression System
Lip Synching
Game modes
SP content

Thats the cold truth of it. In the west at least, injustice 2 got 10/10 scores from all western publications and won goty.

Gameplay is irrelevant. An outdated concept.

Dead serious, gaming journalism is still in a primitive state, thats compounded for FGs, a site like IGN will probably have 1 guy on staff who plays FGs casually.

IGN/Gamespot reviews for MKX and Injustice2 praised the fighting animations, think about that for a second. Professional reviewers who get paid know less about basic things like animation fundamentals than a random Youtuber or art student.

This is especially true in the west where FGs are niche and considered a bit of a joke compared to 'real' games. Which game won FGOTY? Injustice 2 over Tekken7, any veteran FG player knows Tekken is superior in terms of gameplay, systems, etc. but Injustass 2 won by a landslide on game awards, received 10/10 scores from every western publication and community poll in the west. Why is that? Its the graphics, game modes, progression systems, story mode (lip-synching), etc. Everything but the actual fighting.

Metacritic scores and IGN reviews will sell your FG faster than the best combat mechanics the human mind can conjure. MKX: 10 million copies sold, Tekken7: 3 million.

Guess what games going to win Fgoty this year? Everyone knows its going to MK11, now is MK11 going to get that award for having the best gameplay? Or is it the game modes, progression system, graphics, gore, fatalities, story modes, etc. We both know the answer to that. We live in a backwards reality.

User Info: nurblug

1 month ago#55
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User Info: Landonio

3 weeks ago#56

User Info: str8Knowledge

3 weeks ago#57
Other: gigantic hitsparks.
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User Info: MudbuttSanchez

3 weeks ago#58

User Info: keybladesrus

3 weeks ago#59
For me, it's the roster, followed very closely by gameplay. Yeah, the gameplay being fun will keep me playing for longer, but if I don't like any of the characters, I won't play the game in the first place. I bought BBTag because of the RWBY characters (and Persona, but Arena exists, so they were less of selling point for this particular game). Because I liked the characters, I then started playing the other BlazBlue games and UNIST, and becoming a fan of ArcSys led me to Guilty Gear. Now I love the hell out of UNIST and GG. Never would have given them a second glance if it weren't for the rosters making me take interest.

But the gameplay is very important as well. While the roster in BBTag sold me on it and led me to all these different games, I've continued to play GG and UNIST because I liked the gameplay. However, I haven't even touched BBTag in quite a while. But if I didn't like any of the characters, I most likely would not have continued playing any of them, regardless of gameplay.
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User Info: Smashhype

5 days ago#60
entertaining for spectactors
if i had to choose one, then all hail to the gameplay
Inceneroar isn't bad at all...
atleast he's better than your trash lolis!
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