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User Info: GigaMan91

3 months ago#41
The characters get me to play the game, but the gameplay determines whether I stay or leave.

I may love the mess out of some character design, but if I'm not having immediate fun, I won't feel like playing anymore.
Super SmUsh Bros.
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User Info: Bass_X0

3 months ago#42
BlazingSpeed posted...
Where is the all of the above option?

All of them are important. Nobody is denying that. But which one factor is more important than the others?
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User Info: Blessranger

3 months ago#43
Roster matters for me.
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User Info: DarkDoc

2 months ago#44
Any advance on 114 votes?

User Info: jky7702

2 months ago#45
In the west:

Cinematics, gore/violence, grafix, sex, shiny bumpmapped a******s, graphics, graphics, lip-synching, gwafikz, 4k, ray tracing, IGN review scores, sales, meta critic.

The rest of the world:

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User Info: DarkDoc

2 months ago#46
Ok, thanks to everyone who voted.

User Info: SenSx

2 months ago#47
There are too many obvious options.
Of course everyone will pick gameplay, depth, balance...
It would be more interresting to have to chose between solo content or online.

But I think online is always more important in a multiplayer game, before they even try to add story mode and more.
Well NRS finally managed to make it good so who cares, solo content is now a nice bonus.
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User Info: Majarubi

2 months ago#48
Roster and Gameplay for me. If there aren't at least 3-4 characters in a fighting game I care for even in an update/sequel, I will not remotely buy it. I really don't care for online modes at all but enjoy offline tournaments/versus/arcade/tower/even the rare minigame modes a lot.
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User Info: CrossboneGundam

2 months ago#49
jky7702 posted...
Sex appeal
Progression System
Lip Synching
Game modes
SP content

Thats the cold truth of it. In the west at least, injustice 2 got 10/10 scores from all western publications and won goty.

Gameplay is irrelevant. An outdated concept.
Maybe idk... spiderman?

User Info: Dark_Despair

2 months ago#50
shin_mcgoo posted...
Krow_Incarnate posted...

The key to any game is making me give a f*** about it in the first place. If there isn't a character I look at and go, "Wow, I want to play them!" then I don't give a f*** about the game.


I agree. Would anyone buy MK11 if it had an all-new roster? Would the Smash franchise exist today if Smash 64 had all original characters? No and no.

Yes it's called Injustice 2. Hyperbole aside do you really not believe a single person would she'll out money for a MK engine game that starred Horror movie icons? The roster isn't the draw anymore and hasn't been for awhile now.
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