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User Info: momo92

3 months ago#31
Gameplay should be the most important but I think nowadays its leaning more towards online and graphics in my opinion
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User Info: Soulful Spirit

Soulful Spirit
3 months ago#32
I am gonna go with sound! While I enjoy Guilty Gear, DBFZ, Capcom's JoJo, etc. the music is just complete ass in those games & I need to be playing against other ppl in order for it to be fun. Now, games with good osts like MVC2, 3rd Strike, Tobal No. 1, Tekken 3, etc. I can just zone out to the music while just playing arcade mode.
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User Info: DreamwingNero

3 months ago#33
A game can get away with rushed mid-tier gameplay and be successful - from a business point of view this is acceptable. Especially if they got the license for a popular I.P. and made decent graphics and respect the source material. A lot can be forgiven in the gameplay aspect.


From a competitive gaming perspective and longevity in the scene, gameplay is most important.


"Fun" and "good gameplay" overlap and are not really different categories. Unless your definition of fun excludes the fun you get from "good/rewarding gameplay" and is just some "hur-durr 1 button supers makes me feel good!" type of thing.

User Info: DarkDoc

3 months ago#34
Krow_Incarnate posted...
If there isn't a character I look at and go, "Wow, I want to play them!" then I don't give a f*** about the game.

Good point. And judging by the amount of dream roster/wishlist threads, I think a lot of people agree.

User Info: SnakeFang2

3 months ago#35
Gameplay, online, presentation in that order.

Roster would be 2nd place for games I'm not familiar with.
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User Info: DarkDoc

3 months ago#36
bvillebro posted...
Then again, half these options shouldnt even be here. They could be split into halves with one topic being "what makes you buy a fighting game" and the other half being "what makes you keep playing a fighting game"

I see what you mean. And yeah, maybe the reason you buy a game is different to why you play it a year later. Some people will take this to mean what gets the most sales, but I guess I'm probably going more after the latter, ie what makes a good game.

bvillebro posted...
Something like "depth of gameplay", especially for a new series wouldnt be immediately known. hell, most iconic FG titles didnt have their metas pioneeered for several years. Anyone saying they get a fighting game for these reasons is a liar, so an option like that sharing a poll slot with something like "graphics" seems weird to me.
Even games that look incredibly shallow on arrival do end up having their own depth. Whether that balance is actually fun or not is a whole nother story

Yes indeed. Nobody has any idea how deep a new game is, and the balance isn't known for at least 6 months...

That's partly why gameplay is listed twice. Whether it's fun is quite different (and independent from) whether it's long-lasting.

bvillebro posted...
And if youre someone who waits to buy a game after other people have played it and told you about it, then the poll is missing the actual most realistic option: "the most important part of fighting games is what people say about them in reviews/what I see of them on stream and tournies etc"

Meh. I don't think anybody had ever bought a game after seeing it in a tournament (partly because nobody really follows tournaments, and partly because nobody voted for spectators here, seems people prefer to play rather than watch). But yeah, review scores can be important. Lots of people are swayed by word of mouth. And a review is often based on a combination of these factors, with whatever weighting.

User Info: DarkDoc

3 months ago#37
Superlinkbro posted...
The single player content.

Well, I listed Story, but yeah, I guess you could include that in the same category, or perhaps under Delivery/impression. Having enough game modes contributes to the quality of the overall package.

User Info: bvillebro

3 months ago#38
@DarkDoc i appreciate you taking constructive criticism well. and while idk if tournaments themselves sell a game (despite the fact that games like Blazblue Crosstag seem to be clear exampls of devs attempting it), but a good tournament scene can absolutely keep a game in the limelight. Thats part of why DBFZ had such a great first year, it really connected with the scene on top of being beautiful

At the very least, exhibitions can do a lot. Thinking of the MK11 event on BCfighting the other day
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User Info: ShadowRaiden00

3 months ago#39
always gameplay

last from that list being story
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User Info: BlazingSpeed

3 months ago#40
Where is the all of the above option?
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