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User Info: Lost7th

3 months ago#11
Or people who blindly rush to defend to developers from the mean old critics

User Info: Blue_Inigo

3 months ago#12
Or people who mindlessly criticize things they dont have full understanding of
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User Info: BluuberryPie

3 months ago#13
jky7702 posted...
Sex appeal
Progression System
Lip Synching
Game modes
SP content

Thats the cold truth of it. In the west at least, injustice 2 got 10/10 scores from all western publications and won goty.

Gameplay is irrelevant. An outdated concept.

Ironically, tell that to the nrs boys and they'd go berserk
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User Info: Will Smith

Will Smith
3 months ago#14
Immediacy of gameplay

User Info: gamestop27

3 months ago#15
Blue_Inigo posted...
Lost7th posted...
Remembering that your larger consumer based isn't the small handful of COMPETITIVE tournament players youtube ecelebs.

Nor is it the people whining on the internet about who true fans are

The only people who position themselves as the true fans in these debates are from the competitive crowd.
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User Info: GanglyKhan

3 months ago#16
Gameplay followed by presentation.

A lot of games feel so soulless compared to their older counterparts.
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User Info: zKanoe

3 months ago#17
GanglyKhan posted...
Gameplay followed by presentation.

A lot of games feel so soulless compared to their older counterparts.

This for me mostly. I recently felt burned with DBFZ and MvCI, or rather they're the only fighting games this gen that I felt were bad/very mediocre.

DBFZ had presentation that gave me goosebumps during E3 2017, but the more information and gameplay demos came out, things started looking more and more iffy/meh...the game eventually game out, I had mild fun for a month and popped back up for an 1hr for DLC releases and that was it. The game had a lot of effort put into the flashiness/presentation, but the contents of the game were very mediocre leaning towards bad in retrospect personally.

MvCI had fairly enjoyable gameplay that stood out from previous entries, but the presentation was all jacked up and the roster was poor. Content was also a bit sparse/uninteresting like the bulk of MvC games, though I may boot the game up every blue moon.

Honestly, content doesn't bother me much if the game is fun and the presentation is to my liking. Garou: Mark of the Wolves Neo Geo Classics on the E-shop is something I've put about 100hrs into and all that has is an arcade mode because it is an arcade port. The art and animations look great, and the game is fun to play. I'll always come back whether there is online or not.
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User Info: Krow_Incarnate

3 months ago#18

The key to any game is making me give a f*** about it in the first place. If there isn't a character I look at and go, "Wow, I want to play them!" then I don't give a f*** about the game.

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User Info: Lost7th

3 months ago#19
GanglyKhan posted...
Gameplay followed by presentation.

Id actually argue presentation is before gameplay even. I mean we can all act like hardcore gamers all we want but if what we really cared about first and foremost was the GAMEPLAY we'd all be playing Virtua Fighter. That isn't to say that good core mechanics aren't vital but you really would be surprised how much things like music and atmosphere matter. You need to give players characters they want to play as and not hollow"FUNCTIONS." Hit's have to connect and feel visceral, and there has to be something connect to some identity that separates game X from all the other fighting games out there.

User Info: bvillebro

3 months ago#20
Seems like a lot more honesty in the comments section than the poll itself

Then again, half these options shouldnt even be here. They could be split into halves with one topic being "what makes you buy a fighting game" and the other half being "what makes you keep playing a fighting game"

Something like "depth of gameplay", especially for a new series wouldnt be immediately known. hell, most iconic FG titles didnt have their metas pioneeered for several years. Anyone saying they get a fighting game for these reasons is a liar, so an option like that sharing a poll slot with something like "graphics" seems weird to me.
Even games that look incredibly shallow on arrival do end up having their own depth. Whether that balance is actually fun or not is a whole nother story

And as a point of clarification/less of a critique: immediacy of gameplay is also a category I was a bit unsure of. I could see a game as being immediate with its gameplay because it relies on some storied FG mechanics, it could also be immediate because its masher friendly

Both these options stood out to me also because they have the most votes in this topic, it kinda smells of disingenuity from this smallish sample size and/or shortsigtedness from TC. I think remaking this poll would help it look less like a "true gamers" type deal. Your knowledge of a games online matchmaking is extremly limited at the phase where its presentation is being shoved in your face, and any errors will just be attributed to "its still in the beta"

And if youre someone who waits to buy a game after other people have played it and told you about it, then the poll is missing the actual most realistic option: "the most important part of fighting games is what people say about them in reviews/what I see of them on stream and tournies etc"

tl;dr i dont think this is a bad topic but id consider remaking it if you want anything meaningful out of its poll. Comments are pretty insightful
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