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    Gameplay followed by presentation.

    Id actually argue presentation is before gameplay even. I mean we can all act like hardcore gamers all we want but if what we really cared about first and foremost was the GAMEPLAY we'd all be playing Virtua Fighter. That isn't to say that good core mechanics aren't vital but you really would be surprised how much things like music and atmosphere matter. You need to give players characters they want to play as and not hollow"FUNCTIONS." Hit's have to connect and feel visceral, and there has to be something connect to some identity that separates game X from all the other fighting games out there.

    This, all of this. People are tryharding like hell while Fightcade/Dolphin remain barren and multiple new IPs end up dead on arrival

    Again, small sample here but its not much different from many things youll see in sections of the online FGC. Ill admit ill be one of those guys youll see watching Cooperation Cup and s***ting on either SFIV or SFV in twitch chat, while 3s online edition sits on my Ps3 that I havent touched in ages
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