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User Info: Lord_Wombat

1 year ago#91
Looking for Tekken 7 players, I main King, but I'm trying very hard to pick up Bryan as well.

Psn is same as username, get at me.

this topic hasn't been posted in for 5 months :(
Current gaming goal: Vanquisher Rank as Bryan (Tekken 7)
Current progress: Getting closer... Still not great (6th Dan of 16)

User Info: 90sNinja

1 year ago#92
I actually haven't been playing many fighting games lately and want to get back into it, psn is Phantomwarcry

Mostly just play Xrd and KOF on PS4, occasionally Ultimax on PS3
I'll probably be picking up Samurai Shodown VS when it comes out.
(could be persuaded to boot up most other games though, I got basically all the big releases except for anything Blazblue and Injustice 2)

I'm available most work week nights

Skill level: Forever bronze tier

Also down for non fighting games, Overwatch Smite and Paladins on PS4, Twisted Metal on PS3. Don't mic up if you don't want to hear me drunk
If life was meant to be easy, then everyone would be doing it.

User Info: gamemaster712

1 year ago#93
Oh what the hell

Psn: zexdus712
Please leave a note in friend requests stating you're from this site.

1.) Most Played Games - blazblue, umvc 3, P4A
2.) Platform: Vita/PS3
3.) Location: US east coast
4.) Skill Level: Intermediate
5.) Availability: Weekdays 12pm to 5pm. Weekends 11am - 5pm (mileage sometimes vary)

Maybe I can finally get that team match done in blazblue and get to have some fun matches afterwards on my fighting games.
Lord of gaming!!!(probably) 2DS FC: 2122-9429-5521 Sun: Sean; Moon: Lizzie; OGTG/DEG ultimate hax breeder
Life's too short for silly worries, have fun.
(edited 1 year ago)

User Info: Mr_Karate_II

1 year ago#94
Looking for potential matches come mid September. Xbox 360 only though, either Garou: Mark of the Wolves or King of Fighters 2002 UM. I will have my own wifi around then. My gamertag is Rac3rX1990. It was suppose to be RacerX90 but apparently that was already in use.
Currently Playing: Resident Evil 6 Mercenaries Mode.

User Info: gwwak

1 year ago#95
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
Come visit The Range

1.) Most Played Games - GG xrd rev 2, kof xiv
2.) Platform: PC
3.) Location: CA
4.) Skill Level: decent ish
5.) Availability: any day from like 4-9 pm pt

steam id- pretty tony tiger
(edited 1 year ago)

User Info: LionLuBu

3 months ago#97
Location north africa(let's just say EU) games that i want play skullgirls/GGXRD SIGN not rev or rev2 (i refuse to buy undubbed games ) my steam ID
FG expert at MKX: Sub-zero/kotalKhan SFV:MBison/Nash/Zangefi KOF:KIM/KYO/RYO Tekken:almost every character

User Info: Lord_Wombat

1 month ago#98
Lord_Wombat posted...
Looking for Tekken 7, DBFZ, and SC6 players, I main King/Bryan, Vegito/Kid Buu/SSJ Goku, and Astaroth, respectively.

Psn is same as username, get at me.

Updated (not that it'll matter <_<)
~GFaqs #1 DBFZ player~ (Though thats not saying much tbh...)
Candy, tastes like chicken if chicken was a candy -Toki

User Info: Landonio

3 days ago#99
Anybody here from the southeast, specifically Alabama/Mississippi? Looking for local players to play with (online and offline).

Also, I just started running monthlies in Tuscaloosa (west Alabama). First one was last week and had a pretty solid turnout. Trying to let everyone I can know and make it as big as possible.
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