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User Info: gamezero6

3 years ago#31
Will Smith posted...
@ gamezero I have SFxT for the Vita as well, I'll PM you during the week to see if we could set up some fights. :)

Okay, I'm free on Fridays(unless we're working OT), Saturdays and Sundays.
XBL GamerTag: NamiXJin
PSN~PSV ID: JinZer069 + 3DS FC: 5300-9619-1452
Will Smith posted...
Pitaya posted...

Might throw it in my sig later but that's the visual I was talking about. Figure it's better than the current layout.

sweet!! :)

And thanks a ton for requesting the sticky, we have a good start so hopefully more regulars get involved.

That was pretty gangsta at the end lol


Brolylegs is trash. The only fans he has are politically correct liberals.

User Info: Pitaya

3 years ago#33
Damn, looking back, that post was made before I was a regular here, or even a moderator. I think I'm somehow less sassy now, too. Huh.

Either way, enough s***-talking the fraud; he'll never see this anyway. Let's keep this on-topic.
Yes, I am a gamer mod, but you can't hit on me, m'kay?~
Competitive gamer. Career techie. All-around know-it-all.

User Info: Jin_Sakazaki

3 years ago#34
Most played games - USF4, Guilty Gear
Platform - PS4
Location - Detroit, MI
Skill Level - Pretty Good (once I get going)
Availability - Weekdays after 7 pm to 11 pm (EST). Weekends vary wildly

When I replace my broken PS3, I'll be seeking some 3rd Strike peeps.
Tonight I dine on turtler soup.....

User Info: CykloneTiger

3 years ago#35
Most played - USFIV, SSF2T HDR, KoFXIII
Platform - Xbox 360
Location - Long Island, NY
Skill level - average
Availability - 1PM to 6PM EST Tues - Sat

User Info: Solid Sonic

Solid Sonic
3 years ago#36
Most played - USF4 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Platform - USF4 PC/360, TTT2 any
Location - Brevard County, FL
Skill level - Above-average
Availability - Weekends are best
I apologize for hurting your feelings, I was only trying to make you angry.

User Info: awalrus

3 years ago#37
Top 3 games: MKX, KI, USF4
Platform: XB1, fightcade(trying to learn vs series games, would love some help, sparring)
Location: Ohio
Skill level: intermediate (mkx,KI), beginner (USF4)
Availability: most days 1-4pm, most nights 11pm-2am
GT: IJS Spine Rip
MKX- Sub Zero KI- Fulgore, Cinder USF4- Ryu

User Info: EuroE

3 years ago#38
Top 3 Games: USF4, 3SO (I'm bad at everything else)
Platform: PS4/PC (Ultra), PS3 (3S0)
Location: Nova Scotia
Skill Level: Good (ultra), Below average (3SO)
Availability: Week nights usually randomly between 7-10

PSN- Kevontay

User Info: gamezero6

3 years ago#39
Sooooo... are any of us going to set up something?

Any 208's play each other yet?
XBL GamerTag: NamiXJin
PSN~PSV ID: JinZer069 + 3DS FC: 5300-9619-1452

User Info: Lord_Shadow_19

3 years ago#40
I played Pitaya and Will Smith.
PSN: Entropy19
Founder of the crappy players club, getting ready to start up again for Street Fighter 5!
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