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User Info: Will Smith

Will Smith
3 years ago#1

Pitaya mentioned in another topic that it would be a good idea to get some matches with other members on this board. A few of our members seem keen on the idea, so I created this thread so that some of us can challenge each other, get to know each other better, help each other improve, and just have fun.


Please list the following info in this order:

1.) List which 3 fighting games you most frequently play. By frequency you must play minimum of twice a week. If you play Persona 4 Arena Ultimax only on your birthday and Christmas, it might not be a good idea to list it in your top 3. :) If you only specialize in one, that is fine.

2.) List the platform(s) you primarily play on. Steam, PC, PS4, XB1, WiiU, 360, 3DS, PS Vita, etc

3.) Your location. This extremely important to circumvent really laggy matches, we all want to play someone who is relatively close to our location for things to run smoothly.

4.) Your perceived skill level. Please be as honest as possible.

5.) List the days and times during the week when you are most likely available for matches.


Those who are interested in a match can then Private Message other members whom are interested in playing with their gamer tag names and other info. I suggest keeping the tags private since there are quite a bit of lurkers and trolls with questionable intentions who would deliberately harass peeps online under alt accounts.

Hopefully all of that is clear. I'll start off:

1.) Most Played Games - 3rd Strike, SFA2, Night Warriors
2.) Platform: PC
3.) Location: New York City
4.) Skill Level: Beginner
5.) Availability: Wednesday through Saturday, between 6pm -11 pm EST
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User Info: Master Kazuya

Master Kazuya
3 years ago#2
1) Super Turbo
3rd Strike

though I'm also willing to play the other SFs, or whatever else, as long as the combos dont last a year.

2) PC

3) New Englad

4) Skill Level: Pretty Good (feel free to disagree)

5) Available: idk
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User Info: BlacknGold86

3 years ago#4
This won't get stickied, but what the hell, I requested one anyway. This is a great idea.

1- USF4

2- MK X

Both on PS4.

I have others, but don't play them much. Psn in sig, I'm on most evenings and weekends. I live in NY, my skill level is low-average for those 2 games. I can stomp casuals, I get stomped by hardcores. I play to play, not become god-tier ;)
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User Info: gamezero6

3 years ago#5

1) My Top 3.
-Street Fighter X Tekken - PSN
-Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax(Vanilla) - PS Vita
-Ultra Street Fighter 4 - XBL

2) Top 3 main FG Platforms
-PS Vita
-Xbox 360
-PC(Windows Tablet)

3) Location: Salt Lake City, Utah(Mountain West)

4) Skill Level?
Fluctuates ~ Garbage to slightly above average, depends on games and my mood

5) 3 Day Weekends (mainly):
-Sometimes you might catch/get me on 4 day weekdays.

Added Comment:
I'm down for other Fighters I have, I mainly play the 3 I've listed because those are the ones I have no problems finding someone online to play.

I also have SG and Yatagarasu on Steam, but SG I'm garbage in and Yata's network infrastructure/online set up is questionable? But, I'll still play it.

Also have SMASH 4U on my Wii U, haven't really touched it, but I'm willing to scrub out several matches.

Have a 3DS and SSF43DS and DOA:D too.

No PS3, PS4 and X1 though.
XBL GamerTag: NamiXJin
PSN~PSV ID: JinZer069 + 3DS FC: 5300-9619-1452
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User Info: indie_animator

3 years ago#6
Good idea; thanks for posting.

1) Top "3" (ah- bending the rules a tiny bit):
BlazBlue CPE
Persona 4AU
Skullgirls 2ndE
DOA5LR (close 4th) I'd list Xrd too, but a replay data verification error has kept me from loading it up for months.

2) Platform:

3) Location:
Bay Area, CA, US

4) Skill level:
Intermediate (I think)

5) Availability:
Fri- early eve til around 7-8 PM
Sat- most of day til 7-8 PM
Sun- most of day til 3-4 PM

Wish I could play more often, but I don't even have a PS3 & need to visit my bro on weekends to do this.
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User Info: Pitaya

3 years ago#7
1.) 3 Most Played Games - Skullgirls (2nd Encore), Blazblue (Chronophantasma Extend), Persona 4 Ultimax (honorable mention: Smash 4)

2.) Platform: All (SG on PC, PS3, and PS4, BBCPX on PS4, P4U on PS3, Smash on 3DS and U)

3.) Location: Dallas

4.) Skill Level: Competitive

5.) Availability: Most weeknights, Sunday most of the day
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User Info: T-Matt-16

3 years ago#8
1)USF4 (Can probably dig out the PS3 for VF5:FS, HDR and KOF13)


3)Western Canada

4)Skill Level: Depends, good at USF4 and VF5, probably average in most other games. Definitely rusty though.

5)Availability: Whenever, just add the PSN TurboHolocaust, good for invites whenever

User Info: NoizyChild

3 years ago#9
1) Killer Instinct, UMVC3, Guilty Gear Xrd

2) XB1, 360, PS4

3) New Orleans, LA

4) Competitive (average to above average)

5) After 4 PM Monday-Friday, all day Sat-Sun
UMVC3: Nova/Frank/Taskmaster|KI: TJ Combo|Xrd: Axl Low|SF5: Ken/Laura/Balrog

User Info: Pitaya

3 years ago#10
In retrospect, it may have been a good idea to not limit it out to just three fighting games. Like, I noted to Noizy I have all three of the games he mentioned, but none of them are in my top 3 here.

I'll probably make a graphic tonight showing all the games I have, what systems I have them on, and what characters I use, in a tier list format based on skill level for each game. Keeping them to graphics linked to in signatures or something might be easier than this, actually.
Yes, I am a gamer mod, but you can't hit on me, m'kay?~
Competitive gamer. Career techie. All-around know-it-all.
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