Do you plan on buying loot crates?

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  3. Do you plan on buying loot crates?

User Info: Ryu X

Ryu X
6 months ago#1
Will you buy loot crates? - Results (80 votes)
11.25% (9 votes)
88.75% (71 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Just wondering how many people actually plan on spending money to buy extra chests.

User Info: Xeowulf

6 months ago#2
I'm not voting, but there needs to be a "Maybe" option. I'm not currently planning on it, but if they have a decent sale or something on the premium currency, I might be tempted.
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User Info: SliderSlapshot

6 months ago#3
I don't think I will, unless they give an option to buy a specific costume that I want.
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User Info: SerenitySix

6 months ago#4
Hell no
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User Info: NapalmSanctuary

6 months ago#5
I'm too busy rebuilding my CD collection to blow money on crap like this. I rarely buy games anymore as it is.

User Info: CloudyKuchiki

6 months ago#6
Spend my valuable beer and gig money after I've already dropped 60 quid on it? You must be mad.
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User Info: rogueoftime

6 months ago#7
I plan on using in-game credits to buy them, so yes.

Real world money, though? Heck no.

User Info: WhillB

6 months ago#8
From the little Beta I've played... I doubt I'll even buy the game.

If I do, I likely won't take the multiplayer seriously enough to bother with the Loot Crates anyway.

Note: I do not mind microtransactions at all. Just really depends on how they're used. I don't like the way this game is headed in that department.
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User Info: geertmatthys

6 months ago#9
I'm not even buying this game

User Info: XeonFlu

6 months ago#10
I’m buying more loot boxes than the top 10 loot box buyers combined.

I will also keep buying loot boxes after I have collected everything.
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  3. Do you plan on buying loot crates?

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