Was there an explanation for where all our characters gear went?

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  3. Was there an explanation for where all our characters gear went?

User Info: Majik85

4 months ago#1
Everything we had from the first game, I never saw anything explaining where it all went.

User Info: t_EphY

4 months ago#2
In the second trailer, Cayde-6 is complaining about how all our stuff is gone. That's the only real explanation we get.
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User Info: ApexMjolnir

4 months ago#3
It was all cloud based. When we lost the access to the ghost's ability to transmat stuff, and lost our vault access, we lost our stuff.

we must sleep in our armor, with a side arm in our hand... because that is what we start with... which is strange, because we still have our powers at that point...

Bungie missed that fact, that the prelude mission, we should have been able to access anything from Destiny 1. Sure it would have only been for 1 mission, but it would have made the story have some linearity... instead it just bounces off walls.
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User Info: RBEM

4 months ago#4
The cabal have stolen it.
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User Info: zhumar

4 months ago#5
Can I just have my Red Death back?
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User Info: DvoloS88

4 months ago#6
I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain.

Bungie's own thought process...
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User Info: OkayPlayer1

4 months ago#7
The Cabal gave a Guardian a free code for a weapon, no questions asked, then that same Guardian got his own code and made people jump through hoops to benefit himself, such a dick move. As a result the Cabal came and wiped out all weapons and armor. Thank the dick Guardian who couldn't just pay it forward and had to try and seek personal benefit.

User Info: Ix_Tripp_xI

4 months ago#8
I mean...the tower was freaking destroyed.
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User Info: indominusrex

4 months ago#9
Ix_Tripp_xI posted...
I mean...the tower was freaking destroyed.

Literally came to say this
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User Info: shnangyboos

4 months ago#10
But what about the s*** I had equipped? f***ing explain that!
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  3. Was there an explanation for where all our characters gear went?

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