Anyone still looking for coldheart code?

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User Info: zhumar

5 months ago#41
projectpat72988 posted...
Didnt this come with the game for everyone?

Should've only been pre-orders.
Founder of the madbad virgin clan

User Info: projectpat72988

5 months ago#42
Mine was a card in the box. Sealed

User Info: HAYNZE

5 months ago#43
I'm looking for a code if possible please and thank you would really appreciate it

User Info: Gid_hola

5 months ago#44
kingpin66636 posted...
All good, sent and let me know if u have any problems.

Still have any?

User Info: Lmayne79

5 months ago#45
Does anybody have a extra cold heart code? I really need one.

User Info: StewedBurrito

5 months ago#46
hey dude can i get a code

User Info: BlazeTC

5 months ago#47
I preordered the $100 edition and didn't get any of my content. A coldheart code would be amazing if you still have any

User Info: ApexMjolnir

5 months ago#48
If you wait long enough for a topic to cool down, can be anywhere from 5-25 minutes, the CLOSE option will appear in the OP, next to STICKY - QUOTE...
If what I said doesn't makes sense... it's because you don't want it to make sense.

User Info: HellHole_

5 months ago#49
ApexMjolnir posted...
can be anywhere from 5-25 minutes

it's 5 minutes without a post in it.
are you not sick of playing games, sick of giving blame
sick of f***in' living like the world has never given you a life defining day?

User Info: Kinglysmith

5 months ago#50
It's my birthday sunday and if anyone could give me a code I would really appreciate it :)
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  3. Anyone still looking for coldheart code?

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