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User Info: BarbatosLupsRex

1 month ago#1
I heard the player base at launch was 19,000 but after 2 months it dropped down to 8,000 users. What do you think they can improve to get more people? Like maybe free dlc?

User Info: Euler1737

1 month ago#2
Out of curiosity, what is the size of the player base for Stadia? With the PS5 and XBOX Series X on the horizon, I’d be surprised if there is a large player base, honestly. Assuming a relatively small playerbase for the Stadia to begin with, 8k might not be too bad.

Otherwise, I think the biggest single draw that could be offered is crossplay between platforms.
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User Info: MegamanXfan21xx

1 month ago#3
I saw in a review that there's input lag, which is basically a deal-killer for a fast-paced game like D2.
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User Info: jnsn19

1 month ago#4
It really doesn't have anything to do with Destiny as much as the issue inherently lies within Stadia. The tech is too new as a standardized gaming platform, as most people don't have a good enough connection to even utilize Stadia properly.

User Info: jacinto34

1 month ago#5
I think the input lag is mostly with the TVs. I was experiencing it at first. I read online (and then in the Stadia instruction booklet) that the TV has to be on Game Mode. I switched it to Game mode and the problem stopped and it has run extremely smoothly ever since.
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User Info: DXMG

1 month ago#6
Until the laws of physics change or Google builds a rendering center on every street corner, there is no way its going to have good enough latency to seriously play.

User Info: darkmoonwolf

1 month ago#7
Server lag since to be random people's with similar connection and area doesn't seem to have the same experience

Also i really don't see the point to stream a game like destiny.why would you want to play it on a tablet or a phone?
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