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  3. Is Destiny 2 all you play? Also a discussion about GaaS titles.

User Info: esbeekay

1 month ago#11
Lol at people who “don’t play the game” and hate on it but still post on its message board
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User Info: Berating

1 month ago#12
Berating posted...
not the only game i play but i do play more than i should cause i'm still chasing Not Forgotten. it also has the pitfall of, lemme just do this one bounty real quick and before you know it it's six hours later

hopefully i'll get NF tonight and i can take a break and play whenever new content drops instead of logging on everyday

not even three hours later i have my Not Forgotten, holy s***

time to take that f***ing break <_<
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User Info: funbot

1 month ago#13
It was close to all I played for a couple years. Lately I've backed off it a bit to play everything else I've missed out on, and it's been really refreshing.

User Info: Ness0123456789

1 month ago#14
No. I usually just play D2 on weekend nights now, with the rest of my free time during the week and week nights taken up with other games. Currently I'm playing through another run of Fallout 3 (going through the series chronologically), and play WoW/FFXIV during the evenings.
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User Info: Natural510

1 month ago#15
I gave up on Division 2 after beating it and realizing how much it sucked compared to the previous game. Still dabble in GTA and Red Dead Online, but they’re more broken than Destiny (with fewer fixes). I still load up Witcher 3 occasionally for kicks. No other games interest me in the slightest.

User Info: terrysmay04

1 month ago#16
I never have this problem really. When I get burnt out I stop playing for a bit. It happens about twice a year, and depending on how good my other options are for games, last between 1 and 4 months.

I eventually come back because this game plays better than everything else. It isn't even the loot chase for me, its straight gameplay.
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User Info: darkmoonwolf

1 month ago#17
Destiny been my main game since day 1 d1 but always play other game too...
This year I later mostly indie games inbetween because no big title interested me
Titles include hollow knight,iconoclast,dead cells

I bought bl3 during the holiday sales(I'm back at Pandora after the 2nd vault)played mgs V but didn't really liked it(weird since I loved peace walker) recently went trought the latest shovel knight DLC and I always play terraria on the side....

I'm also a big fan of romhack,played like 6 different super metroid and 10Pokemon

For 2020 the games in mostly anticipating are ff7 remake doom eternal and grandblue(if it come out this here,or even here) also they recently announced a action mmo in the world magic the gathering
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  3. Is Destiny 2 all you play? Also a discussion about GaaS titles.
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