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  3. Do cheats exist on ps4?

User Info: Skyfiredraconus

1 month ago#1
Just asking because i just ran into something... odd...

I hear about cheats a lot on pc but havent really ran into anything other than maybe some people abusing latency on ps4 before. But i just got out of a match where one guy WRECKED our entire team.

I'm not the greatest pvp player. If i get a 2.0 game i'm very happy with myself. But this guy was everywhere on the battlefield. Always right next to me and then i was dead. I never seemed to be able to hurt him and on a bit i watched while dead i saw him take 3 shots and not even lose half his shield.

After the match i screenshotted the results and he has a 41 efficiency. Not 4.1. Fourty one. 41 kills, 41 streak, zero deaths. His next highest teammate was 1.8.

Something doesn't smell right here...

I'm hesitant to report him because i'm not exactly sure what he was doing. Also, i don't like the idea of reporting something if i just got outplayed by someone way sweatier than me but... 41 k/d? really? hmm...
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User Info: Save_The_World

1 month ago#2
There is a triumph for getting a 50 kill streak, so it can definitely be done. If I had to guess, it’s say it was a good PC player that’s using Mouse/Keyboard on PS4.

Or he has some psycho lag that caused him to be a god.

Or he straight up cheated lol

User Info: terrysmay04

1 month ago#3
Its possible to cheat on PS4, but it takes a bit more effort from what I understand as most of the cheats are just kinda discount versions of the PC counterparts.

I've never seen someone who I legit thought was cheating, and I had seen a guy who went 35-0 before but that was about it

Did you ever look the guy up? When did you play him?

Nevermind, I looked on your destinytracker stats and found him. Dude has a 2.0+ KD and such so I think chances are he was legit. He went 33-0 too, just an fyi
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User Info: Natural510

1 month ago#4
On The Division there weee a lot of people using ChronusMax controllers to get auto-aim headshots in a free-aim game; I wouldn’t be surprised if some people weren’t using it on Destiny too. There are really good players who move around the map like crazy (especially with warlock blink)...the types who get Legend glory in one night. So not saying this guy in particular is cheating.

User Info: LacedaemonX

1 month ago#5
seems like a little bit of lag maybe but if what terry said is right, it’s well within the realm of possibility for him to just be good enough to do that. When I used to play quick play a lot I had plenty of games like that personally

User Info: sadiztic666

1 month ago#6
No but Brick Top exists on PS4 which is basically cheating.
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