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  3. This event makes PvP super boring

User Info: Brick_Top_

3 weeks ago#71
Mochzuki posted...
nufrancis posted...
Its broken, not boring....
Ive stay away from PvP because of this. not fun at all

If this isn't fun then what is mayhem and why does it need to be a permanent mode?

How can you not see the difference with Mayhem being a choice to join into a chaotic mode and this chaotic grenade spam being forced into regular modes?

Like how the f*** can you not see a difference? It blows my mind how daft you are.

User Info: XxZiomaxX

3 weeks ago#72
Fusion nades on the other hand require you to toss it at their face. Which in most scenarios you'll eat bullets, plus you have to be close so you can still get Shotgunned, fusioned or smged to death. It's an easy kill no doubt but it's similar to SC and y'all consider SC to be fine.

lol wut

dude argued ranged 1 hit kill was fine, but melee 1 hit kill isn't. used bolded as a reason, as if it doesn't apply doubly to the melee 1 hit kill. okay.

both are cheap. I still want to call out that terrible logic.
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  3. This event makes PvP super boring