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  3. Are you gonna move on to Borderlands 3 and stop playing Destiny 2 when it's out?

User Info: Flash

1 month ago#1
You gonna stop playing Destiny 2 when Borderlands 3 is released? - Results (104 votes)
46.15% (48 votes)
53.85% (56 votes)
This poll is now closed.

User Info: XxZiomaxX

1 month ago#2
can't deny style

day 1 buy

probably won't stop playing destiny completely though.
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User Info: OrangePoet

1 month ago#3
Heck no. I still have a ton of things to do in Destiny 2.
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User Info: Sloth9230

1 month ago#4
Im not sold on any of the new hunters.. Will play anyway but likely not too much.
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User Info: nufrancis

1 month ago#5
I heard that Borderland is the pioneer of looter shooter, but I havent play it at all

Is this game has PvP mode?
What about char customization? is it in same level of Anthem?
RPG Element?
Story? is it good or in same level as Destiny?

If all of those questions checked I will definitely buy it
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User Info: Judge-returned

1 month ago#6
I might jump into D2 PvP every now and then but i’ll most likely be playing BL3 nonstop.

User Info: sadiztic666

1 month ago#7
Borderlands 3?

You mean Anthem?


*leaves room*

User Info: ChocoboDreams

1 month ago#8
Depends entirely on what my friends are doing. The only reason I touch Destiny 2 at all is because the expansions were bought for me, but it isn't going to take much at all to convince me to play something else. There's not a single aspect of Destiny 2 that I would miss if I stopped playing.

User Info: Locklan

1 month ago#9
Uh it depends on what the state of destiny is at the time it releases.
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User Info: Brother Ein

Brother Ein
1 month ago#10
Depends on release date and state of D2 at the time... I'm definitely picking it up Day 1 and if anything I'll go back and forth.
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  3. Are you gonna move on to Borderlands 3 and stop playing Destiny 2 when it's out?
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