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  3. Did the Activision divorce give you renewed hope in this franchise?

User Info: CheaterMcCheat

2 months ago#51
Blaming Activision for everything wrong with Destiny is a bit of a stretch. Old Bungie died ages ago it's their fault as much as it is Activisions. Expecting a new leaf from them and Destiny to be saved is just naive.

User Info: Richardthe3rd

2 months ago#52
I've always been unimpressed with Bungie's games. Slow-paced, generic feeling games with heavy narration and poor voice acting.

There are so many better developers making better shooters now, they just arent doing anything relevant. And it's been that way for years.
excusatio non petita, accusatio manifesta.

User Info: hennethannun

2 months ago#53
FadetooBlack posted...
Question is, can they afford (financially) to go out on their own?

Wasn't the whole point of joining Activision was for resources? This fact that Activision didn't try to hold on to the rights is because they know the game is doomed, maybe?

This does seem to be an overlooked element of the split; and it's getting overlooked in all the rapturous coverage online.

Bungie should have more creative control now, and that may well be good for destiny (though hardly perfect as bungie has messed up plenty of destiny stuff on its own; c.f. every story element in all of D1). But money matters too, and it's not at all clear that bungie has enough cash on hand to fund destiny development without major cutbacks (or another funding source, which just brings us back to the Activision problem).

Was the netease 100million investment into bungie directly? If so, that might explain why they felt confident enough to terminate their agreement with Activision. But will netease be better than Activision? Also, bungie is closely held, so we have very little insight into its finances compared to a public Corp like Activision. Still, money seems like a potentially serious concern.

User Info: jaoman69

2 months ago#54
No, it killed all hope.

User Info: shyahone

2 months ago#55
you should be scared. Now tencent, a chinese company renowned for destroying everything it touches has a large amount of influence in bungie.

you thought the microtransactions and content was bad BEFORE, then wait for whats next.
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  3. Did the Activision divorce give you renewed hope in this franchise?
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