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User Info: TrueGB

2 months ago#41
Given how much of the game's problems came from Bungie's attitude, I can't really see things improving very much just because Activision is gone.
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User Info: XxZiomaxX

2 months ago#42
AbraCadaver posted...
I honestly wouldn't expect major changes til D3 on so idk, probably only see some QoL improvements. I'd take that right now tbh, some of the s*** folk will be expecting would require a complete overhaul of the game. Cautiously optimistic, we'll see soon enough if the greed was all Activision. Like Box says, fortnite (and others) have shown how to make piles of cash for relatively little effort.

Agreed. This will mainly show up in D3.
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User Info: xHuckleberry

2 months ago#43
kanon951 posted...
mdrXip posted...
People do realize activision is jumping ship before it hits the iceberg right?

Hit the iceberg?
The ship already sank long ago.

This makes zero sense.
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User Info: morenthal

2 months ago#44
Moukaryuu posted...
backguard222 posted...
OMG - maybe there is hope for D3 being decent after all.

Not if they go down the PvP route we've been hearing about... Leveling up in WoW on a PvP server was not an enjoyable experience, that community is far less toxic than the Destiny community.

f***ing what? WoW is one of the most toxic communities out there. Also no one forced you to play on a pvp server. Sounds like you hate being responsible for your own choices.
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User Info: ZERO_X02

2 months ago#46
The fact that Activision let them out of a contract means that Destiny is already on life support. Activision kept mentioning that D2 couldn't re-engage the playerbase, even with Forsaken, and now they're saying that losing Destiny will have no impact on their earnings. Translation: Destiny is barely breaking even with a contracting playerbase. Bungie can't afford to lurch from broken release to broken release anymore and hope that the players forgive them. The next Destiny expansions for at least the next year need to all be flawless to regain consumer trust and build a large enough playerbase to sustain the IP, and Bungie still needs to hope that they haven't throttled the brand to the point that gamers are unwilling to buy anything Destiny even with positive critical reception. Remember, this series keeps getting hyped as the next big thing, but it constantly releases lackluster 6/10 content for exorbitant prices. Destiny may have a "boy who cried wolf" problem with the general market.
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User Info: anonymous02135

2 months ago#47
biledriver posted...
anonymous02135 posted...
randomsentinel posted...
Te$$ is definitely for Activision, but there are a lot of design choices that are on Bungie

blame d2 on te$$ and activision? then that will be giving too much credit to te$$ and activision. i hardly care about te$$ which give out cosmetic things. bungie own both d1 and d2 failure.

And it's 100% wrong. Tess was Bungie. Their deal with Activision meant that the only way they could actually get more cash was to sell microtransactions since the money for everything else was shared with Activision.

huh? are you telling me people quitting on d2, because of activision forced te$$ cosmetic content micro transaction on bungie? or people quitting d2, because lack of content? listen, tte$$ cosmetic content micro transaction does not matter and no body cares. people only care about content which bungie fail to deliver.

User Info: anonymous02135

2 months ago#48
AnthonyBrock2 posted...
BoxTheMuppet posted...
Ever verse has Activision written all over it.

Actually it was Bungie who suggested micro transactions to Activision, Activision just gave it the ok.

i dont understand why te$$ cosmetic content micro transaction matters? why you all care so much about te$$ cosmetic content micro transaction. it does not matter, no body cares. what matters is content. where is content from dlc and from annual pass?

User Info: xsdarknesssx

2 months ago#49
Will not hold my breath of some epic changes that make things ten times better just because they are away from Activison now. We will have to see over the next few months till maybe even next fall when we see the next big expansion.

This could be a good choice, this could be a bad choice or it could just make no real difference.
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